The Revenant is a beautiful, haunting, and brutal tale of a man's struggle against nature, himself, and his fellow man. Harmony Black starts with an old premise, there is a normal and magical world, and barely builds on it.
Star Wars: The Force Awakens is an okay movie when viewed through the eyes of an adult, but is a fun, entertaining movie if you go in with a twelve year old's mindset. Walter Isaacson has done an admirable job of trying to tackle such a complicated biographical subject.
As has been stated many times, Robert Caro has written a tome that will show you in minute detail how a man manipulated the law, people, and money to obtain, use, and abuse power in quest to reshape NYC. Providing links to some articles and other resources that I have found useful while in graduate school. A flawed and deceitful rant against free markets in the guise of an objective analysis about the dynamics of capital.
A gorgeously shot film that is hampered by a spartan story that never really goes anywhere and action that becomes repetitive by the end of the first act.
This short harkens back to some of the older short stories I used to write that focused on word play. A brilliant science fiction novel that raises many questions and sets up an intriguing universe. Putting up some code that might be useful to others when formatting Goodreads widgets using dynamic class creation in SASS. Earlier this year I created a webpage to list various labs, websites, and other resources related to neuroscience and biotechnology.
The Path to Power (The Years of Lyndon Johnson) is a sweeping tale about the early years of LBJs life and political career.
Recently finished The Power of Myth, which covers interviews with Joseph Campbell about myths, and was greatly disappointed. Below is the current crop of books I'm reading along with ratings and mini-reviews for other novels I've recently finished.
A continually updated repository of scientific resources (journals, blogs, etc.) in biology with a focus on neuroscience.
The project had started out with a simple question: would it be faster to assemble complete knowledge about all truths past, present, and future through scientific inquiry or via brute force computation? There have been several articles that re-order the medal count ranking by comparing medals to population or GDP, which then show small countries topping the charts. The heights of various buildings in Boston's skyline, converted into polar coordinates and randomly grouped. Some thoughts on coding practices and an outline of a work-flow that i find useful when starting any project. Thought i'd share the wrapper function i use to knit files using the excellent knitr package in R. The first in a series of short stories exploring a universe in which our negative space (i.e. Small script to enable quick randomization of files in a directory and conversion back to original names later. One of my favorite classes at MIT was 4.605 (Global History of Architecture), which explored various styles and themes found throughout different buildings and other types of architecture from the beginning of civilization to the present. Wanted to share my final paper for bioc218, a computational biology class i took this winter 2013. While teaching bio42 (cell biology and animal physiology) I created weekly notes to help students in my section study and focus on the important materials presented in the class. Made a script to access the facebook api, extract information from our group and parse the data for youtube links.
One can create art with data, many have proven that with beautiful infographics or dazzling company reports. Wanted to expand my use of ggplot in R to analyzing old data from previous projects and see how quickly I could make it look polished given a minimum amount of coding.
This particular plot was from my work in the lab of Ian Cheong at Temasek Life Sciences in Singapore. Bit by bit, I have replaced repetitive tasks completed using downloaded programs with scripts that do the same thing more efficiently, without the residual registry and file junk many programs leave, and with the flexibility to allow me to modify the script to suite specific needs in the future.
Had a couple minutes to spare before leaving lab, so decided to throw together some diagrams to help explain a couple biological pathways students of bio42, a bio class at Stanford I'm TAing. Started a github repository to put online R functions I've create for some common types of analysis and plots. LaTeX Boilerplate is for those starting a project or more experienced users who want an organized structure to their documents. A new organization can 'predict' the future and uses it to get the story first rather than manipulate or prevent horrible events from occurring. Now that I've gotten back in the python groove somewhat, wanted to make a playlist script that recursively went through a folder, found all files in a sub-folder and create a playlist from them. The graphical abstract is an effective way to convey a complex message in an eye pleasing format that is easily digested. Created a small app, implemented in python and PHP, that crawls authenticated Facebook page for Youtube videos and adds them to a specified user's Youtube playlist. Before finishing my adventures in Singapore, I was asked to put together a final report describing my experiences and where the program could improve. Scott Adams recently wrote about citizenship and how the Internet will bring the fall of territory-based national governments, and by extension wars. Cargo Airport Services USA Mission Statement CAS is committed to providing the highest quality cargo handling services in the international air cargo market. Purpose Our customers expect a safe, dependable, timely, and efficient handling of there cargo. Airline Cargo Handling Booking Cargo Booking is the process of reserving space on an aircraft so that cargo arrives at its destination in a timely manner while making the best use of valuable cargo space.
Airline Cargo Handling Terminating Inbound Cargo During the terminating process, Cargo Agents must make sure that the cargo is delivered safely to the customer. Documentation- Export Cargo Acceptance and Documentation In order to drop off freight at a cargo facility there is a lot of documentation that must accompany the freight: 1. Documentation- Export **Make copy of driver’s ID (driver’s license or Port ID) This is a CAS policy You also need to check the driver’s ID (driver’s license) for verification- if an unknown shipper, you need to complete a Shippers Security Endorsement form.
Air Waybill There are a number of documents used within the cargo industry, first lets talk about the Air waybill.
Air waybill The International Air Waybill International shipments have a designated air waybill. International Air Waybill Distribution of International Air Waybills Copy NumberReceiverExplanation Copy No. Air Waybill – Shipping document used for the transportation of air freight that includes conditions, limitations of liability, shipping instructions, description of goods and applicable transportation charges.

Air waybill Envelope The air waybill envelope provides a convenient and uniform method of attaching and transporting air waybills and other shipping documents. TSA Letter Next lets look at a TSA letter: After September 11,2011 the TSA was created under the Department of Transportation. TSA Letter- Known Shipper Air Way Bill Number ______________ (name of IAC) is in compliance with its TSA-approved security program and all applicable security directives. TSA Letter- Unknown Shipper Date: ______________ “( IAC’s name) is in compliance with its TSA-approved security program and all applicable security directives. TSA As explained to you during the TSA course, there are rules and regulations to follow when accepting freight from both known and unknown shippers. TSA VERIFICATION Every month the TSA list is updated and the list is distributed to all CAS facility by CAS Management. TSA LETTER FOR PAX FLIGHT Airline_______________ Air Way Bill Number ______________ Shipment under 16 ounces __________ Rock –it Cargo is in compliance with its TSA-approved security program and all applicable security directives. House Air waybill Issued by a freight forwarder(consolidator) to a shipper as a receipt for the goods which will be shipped with other cargo as one consignment to avail better freight rates. And at the same time, it is one of those brilliantly conceived movies that uses screen time to allow the audience to meditate and reflect on what they have just witnessed.
The vignettes are spot on and while each explores a different aspect of our interaction with technology, the internet, and social media, there is an underlying dystopian view of the world that unifies the whole series. But for many aspects of his life, from his childhood upbringing to his relationship with Patty Jobs to his time at NeXT, the book is lacking. My Opera (the site it was hosted on) closed down and I was unaware of this fact during the grace period during which they allowed users to export the content from their website. The best part of JFK's 'We choose to go to the Moon' speech isn't necessarily the actual goal, but the justification for why we want to achieve that goal. It also allows me to hide some of the story and clues as to its meaning within the structure of the punctuation and grammar itself, which is always fun.
Decided to expand on this and create a living document of various technologies currently used in neuroscience. It is easily one of the best books I've read in awhile and would heartily recommend to others. To get around this, i'm trying a new style of writing: finish writing in a single sitting and with around (or less than) 1500 words. This analysis ignores some obvious facts: small countries are over-represented in the number of athletes they send and the relationship between athletes sent and medals is linear. I present the standard method i use that is relatively flexible and allows for readable code.
This allows easy creation of an html page that integrates commentary, R code, and the resulting plots (which are base64 encoded, so the html file is fully portable).
In the spirit of sharing my enthusiasm for the course i'll discuss some takeaways from, and have included a couple papers i wrote for, the class.
This short story briefly (in castellano!) explores a world in which instantaneous, free transport is possible. This time, it has helped improve on a long-standing issue for me: what is the easiest way to get a copy of all the luscious melodies i hear on youtube? We were tasked with choosing a particular technique, algorithm, or any material discussed in the class and exploring it in more detail. I built off of the latex boilerplate that I have been improving over time to create weekly notes.
Kept the date posted and other information then graphed the contributions of each user over time. I thought using R to create an artistic rendering of a normally mundane process would be neat. In effect, I am slowly trying to eliminate my dependence on Excel, Matlab, and other propriety analysis tools while improving how I structure and organize my data. This time, the python playlist maker was updated to bash and greatly simplified, no longer need to do sketchy recursions. Aim to have a core set of functions to make figures look prettier, even on preliminary analysis.
I briefly explain the layout; installation and usage can be found in the repository readme. I wanted to create a neuroscience-based one as it would be an extension of my work with creating graphic designs and would take advantage of my current studies. Useful for groups that post a lot of youtube videos and want a centralized playlist to share with others. In this post I briefly highlight where he errs and give reasons why country divides will only grow sharper in the coming decades, in part due to competition for dwindling water, oil and other resources along with increasingly fraught intranational civil relations. We will exceed the expectations of our customers with superior operating performance and customer satisfaction in an environment of integrity, respect and teamwork with customers and colleagues. By delivering cargo, airlines are able to utilize the space in the aircraft and produce extra revenue for the airline. By reserving space, the airline and the customer know when and where cargo will be delivered.
Traffic Agents update the computer system, notify the customer of the arrival of their shipment, update warehouse inventories, release the shipment and close the airway bill. Distribution of the Air Waybill Every page of the air waybill has a specific distribution, as noted in the bottom left hand corner. 1-OriginalIssuing Carrier AccountingRetain for use in preparation of air cargo report Copy No. The air waybill should be folded vertically and inserted into the envelope with the consignee and shipper’s space visible from the outside making it easy to read. Our number assigned by TSA is ________________ All cargo tendered in conjunction with this certification was either 1) accepted from a known shipper or an unknown shipper in accordance with TSA requirements specified in the Indirect Air Carrier Standard Security Program or 2) accepted under transfer from another foreign air carrier, aircraft operator, or IAC operating under a TSA-approved or accepted security program. As you know 100% of non exempt cargo must be screened using a TSA approved method – X-ray, ETD, physical search, TSA canine, etc.
When a shipment arrives at the facility, the agent must check the TSA number listed on the TSA letter (IAC) against the number on the list. Our number assigned by TSA is WP9403013 All cargo tendered in conjunction with this certification was either 1) accepted from a known shipper or an unknown shipper in accordance with TSA requirements specified in the Indirect Air Carrier Standard Security Program or 2) accepted under transfer from another foreign air carrier, aircraft operator, or IAC operating under a TSA-approved or accepted security program. The airline's (carrier’s) AWB shows the forwarder as the consignor, and the name of forward agent at the destination as the consignee.
But don't expect to come away with a novel view on the world or a new set of wondrous ideas to mull over.
He then spends vast portions of the book attempting to put this inequality in a bad light without clearly articulating why. Plus, gets me back in the mode of posting short stories, especially as I try and finish some of the longer ones I have been working on. Meant mainly to practice my spanish, i plan to follow-up with a more detail story in the future.

Neural networks seemed particularly interesting—and not just because i'm a neuroscientist.
This highlights why I love LaTeX so much, especially for larger projects that are heavily linked—it allows easy annotation, indexing, creation of new document styles, and other related processes rapidly and consistently. The source latex files and raw images can be sent upon request (I'm considering making a Github repository in the future). Started with vesicle budding and fusion along with muscle contraction in smooth and skeletal muscles. A couple examples are included focusing on the first function: principal component analysis.
Robert Campbell (Fisher Dachs Associates) was on hand during the second sound check (along with Richard and Dr. From the initial, crowded to the final, clean abstract, I'll go through my thought process and provide links to useful resources. Swirling under the sea of anxiety is hatred, a deep abhorrence for the past and all it held. Across the top my name is barely visible and the dates of my birth have long since been worn away.
In order to ensure a safe, high quality, and consistent level of service, CAS has developed this student training guide in an effort to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. Airlines have developed a system for managing the movement of cargo from one destination to another.
Traffic Agents also handle claims for damaged or missing cargo and collect money as necessary. If the envelope becomes detached en route, the station locating it sends all necessary information via teletype to the on line destination station and forwards the air waybill via the most direct routing. For a freighter (cargo aircraft) it was to stop the chance of a stowaway getting onboard the aircraft. One thing you need to remember is that the TSA letter, MUST be in the correct format ( name printed), signed and dated. The purpose of the House Manifest is to list information for the house waybills associated with the forwarders consolidation. Although it is not a complete document, a forwarder's AWB has a legal-standing similar to that of a carrier's AWB. Couple that with a tendency to qualify every claim so as to avoid taking a definitive stand and you have a book that leaves you more confused and less informed about the topic, the dynamics of capital, than you entered with. However, every once in awhile it throws errors and i wanted a wrapper bash script to take care of this and some other processing. I wanted to use machine learning algorithms to improve predictions for the project i am working on in Judith Frydman's lab. Plus, separating content and style is always a plus and images stay uncoupled from a propriety source (e.g. I'll briefly talk about the document below and certain decisions that were made to get it to its current state. I think the resulting work has a sci-fi feel to it, almost like it could be a symbol for a corporation should the sinusoidal lobes be made solid.
The boilerplate contains examples for common tasks: figures, tables, BibTeX, index, new commands (including some using pgfkeys), and more.
Toyota) to discuss the philosophy behind the building, a bit of history, and where they hope it will be in the future.
Another corridor, if you want to call the passages in this labyrinth of a make-shift cave that, ran to our right. Logging off websites, only checking the news for brief periods, and focusing on a core set of hobbies. Not only that, but it was done through an astonishing three ways: territorial conquest, gold and negotiation. When the customer’s procedures differ from the Cargo Airport Services’ Cargo Handling Procedures, the customer’s procedures will prevail. Accepting Cargo During acceptance, Cargo Agents ensure that cargo is safe for transportation, the dimensions (size), weight, and contents are approved.
Tracking and Tracing Cargo Customers often call and inquire about the status of their shipments. On a passenger flight, we can only accept shipments from KNOWN SHIPPERS, unlike a freighter we can accept shipments from UNKNOWN SHIPPERS.
Also, the TSA letter must be in a certain format, dated, signed and fully completed before acceptance. This story introduces a few key characters, explore a bit of the lore, and is an attempt by me to write a story in which a clearer light is shone on a relationship between two characters.
Note: The black line is the breathing rate while the red and blue interlocking lines signify aponea and hyperponea, respectively. Behind us, a sliver of light, flickering on and off, spilling in from the opening from whence we came. Eliminating distractions and reducing information overload are doing wonders to fight off stress and keep me humming along.
All of them are fading, the last vestiges of their existence being worn away by wind and rain.
It is also during acceptance that Cargo Agents determine that cargo is appropriately labeled, paperwork is complete, and cargo meets Federal Security Requirements. 3 - CopyShipperGive to the shipper when the shipment is picked up by IAC or accepted for transportation at the airport Copy No. We all gave each other the look-n-nod, donned our breathing masks then proceeded to attach the hooks and ropes. Processing Outbound Cargo To ensure orderly delivery of cargo to assigned flights, there must be a plan for organizing the cargo.
How customers are treated at this time is critical to keeping them as customers and the cargo agents must make every effort to locate missing cargo before we advise the customer that the cargo is not at the station. The destination station files for a period of five years for use as signed proof of delivery Copy No. Tracking and tracing includes reviewing the shipment history, locating the cargo by performing logistical backtrack, and updating the computer. Dangerous Goods Declaration (if a DG shipment) A Dangerous goods certificate (For freight that is considered dangerous good by the IATA standards.

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