Through active community engagement, youth can take on ownership and become lifelong contributors to our local well-being.¬† There are many ways teens can get involved. Empowerment – will give teens the tools needed to do the right thing and make good, conscious decisions. Drugs and Alcohol –¬†will discuss the facts about drugs and alcohol and their effects on the developing adolescent brain and body.
We have developed the Dating Power techniques by taking new clients out to bars and clubs every weekend and showing them how to get women trying to pick them up. These are very advanced techniques that will take your success with women to the next level and beyond and give you more choice with women.
The exact slides we used for the seminar, presented in a 257 page PDF document that also includes photos from the day.
During the 3.75 hours of professionally recorded audio, Ben, Stu and I reveal how we use the Dating Power techniques to enjoy easy, consistent and natural success with women in our private life. Dating Power Private Examples includes in-depth explanations of how we get one night stands, what we say and do around women to get them trying to pick us up, how we get women to approach us and how we always ensure that we are in the position of power with a woman.
You will not only learn the Dating Power techniques by watching the 8 hour, Dating Power seminar video, but you will also have loads of practical, real life examples of how we use the techniques in our own life by listening to this bonus audio recording. With all that knowledge combined, you will know exactly what to say and do the next time you meet a woman in any situation. The audio for Dating Power Private Examples was professionally recorded in a studio to ensure perfectly clear sound when you are listening with headphones, in your car, on your computer or with your smartphone or tablet device.
21 Great Ways to Get a Girlfriend explains what to say and do in 21 different environments that you can approach women and get yourself a girlfriend.

The 30 Day Challenge is a 60 page ebook with a step-by-step challenge that puts your approaching, conversation and pick up skills to the test and gets you improved results with women every step of the way. The challenges are based on the 21 Great Ways to Get a Girlfriend, so it gets you out there trying the different ways to get yourself a girlfriend, while giving you additional tips, tests and challenges to complete to ensure that you get results.
Dramatically improve your confidence, conversation skills and ability to approach and pick up women.
Mastery Methods & Mindsets gives you new ways of thinking (Mindsets) that instantly eliminate your feelings of approach anxiety, self-doubt and fear around attractive women.
The program also provides you with challenging and different ways of approaching women (Methods) that push you outside your comfort zone and make you more confident and present in your interactions with women and people in general. When you use the techniques and advice in the program, you will notice instant and dramatic improvements to your confidence. Your confidence will go through the roof and you will not only feel fully confident, calm and in control around very attractive women, but you will be full of self-esteem and confidence when in any social situation in general.
The Ultimate Guide to Conversation provides you with 100s of tested examples of what to say to start a conversation, keep a conversation going and keep it interesting when talking to a woman.
This quick reference guide includes all the conversation starters that we demonstrated and explained in The Ultimate Guide to Conversation, as well as some bonus conversation starters that are only found in this guide.
The conversation starters also cover very specific situations you will encounter and what to say for each of them.
This quick reference guide also includes our exclusive Conversation Starter Formula, which allows you to instantly come up with something interesting to say to a woman in any situation. Having the slides allows you to follow along with the seminar without having to take notes.

You will learn how to attract her and get her phone number to set up a date later on or, depending on the environment, how to escalate to kissing and sex immediately. The challenges start out easy and become more advanced as you reach the final 10 days of the 30 Day Challenge.
When you interact with a woman, you will notice that she immediately feels a deep, uncontrollable attraction to you as a person. No more feeling nervous, anxious or doubting yourself around attractive women or when in social situations – all of that rapidly disappears. By using our tested conversation techniques, you will effortlessly make women fall in love with you during a simple conversation.
For example: When a woman makes eye contact with you in a bar and then warmly smiles at you before looking away, when you see two women but only one of them is talking to a guy and the other woman is not included in the conversation, when a woman is reading a book or playing with her smartphone on public transport, etc. You will feel confident talking to any woman you meet and will never run out of things to say.
Women will try to keep conversations going with you because they will enjoy talking to you so much.

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