The intuitive interface of ConceptDraw MINDMAP and the Functional Tools overview below will guide you in creating and demonstrating powerful mind map presentations. In ConceptDraw MINDMAP you can edit the templates and view resulting document intuitively simple. Presentation Exchange solution extends ConceptDraw MINDMAP v7 with the ability to import presentations from Microsoft PowerPoint, as well as enhancing its existing presentation capabilities. With the Presentation Exchange solution you can easily extract the content from a PowerPoint presentation to see how it all fits together in a single view. We are constantly enriching our FREE HTML Templates collection with new designs so you will absolutely find one to suit your taste. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Download simple Orange business people presentation backgrounds and templates for Powerpoint slides.

Library Guide - Contains a list of instructions on navigating, uploading and downloading files. IAN Symbol Libraries - Download all (or a custom set) of the vector illustrations in our image library. There are different demonstration capabilities for viewing, editing, or simply playing the presentation. You can review slide content, see how the slides support one another, and refine the story. With this professionally designed HTML email template you can give an attractive and eye-catching look to your messages that your recipients will appreciate. Just choose HTML email templates from our free collection and breathe new life into your email newsletters.
Create a comprehensive business presentation using this template; includes a white background that has a light green wave design at the bottom.

You will learn that the software can deliver the presentation not only by projecting a mind map on a screen, but also by sharing it via e-mail, via group interaction, and even via social networks. ConceptDraw MINDMAP presentations may also be exported to and finished in third party applications, which contain additional tools for collaboration.
Category you want to view and templates that you want to be able to download the presentation as appropriate to your project.

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