Reviews of Some of the Best Free Tutorials, Classes, Self-Study Materials, Videos, Audios, and More. This free course (available for a limited time only) is one of the most comprehensive, well-designed freebies I’ve ever reviewed!
Specifically, you get everything you need to teach the course, including a 29-page Facilitator’s Guide, 37-slide PowerPoint set, 96-page Participant Manual (with loads of recommended reading references), reference PDFs, Pre- & Post-Course Test, After-class Action Plan, and much more! Below are detailed outlines of the course and the 96-page Participant Manual, as well as complete info on how to get the course. Step 2: Submit your email address as instructed, then follow instructions in the two emails which you will receive. This entry was posted in Communications & Presentations, Management, The Basics and tagged effective presentations, facilitating meetings, facilitating training, free training, managing meetings, meetings, presentation skills, presentations, train-the-trainer on December 14, 2011 by Mike G. Being able to confidently, clearly and convincingly communicate ideas is critical to business success.

Why not try a blended solution using online training for the key knowledge acquisition followed by a virtual or real world workshop to really hone your presentation skills.
The large zip file download includes professionally-designed and beautifully produced PDFs, Word documents, and PowerPoint slides. Say goodbye to the fear and frustration of upcoming presentations and hello to audiences wanting to congratulate you on your clear, powerful and compelling messages.
This highly time efficient self study option provides a video based learning experience with active tutor and fellow student support.
Mark Twain summed it up nicely when he said "there are two types of presenters, those who are nervous and liars"It's O.K. Focusing on the needs of your audience and keeping things simple is a great starting point.
If you are not able to clearly and confidently present your key messages to others, you are highly likely to lose out to someone who can.

But what next?It is frightening just how many presenters believe they can 'wing it' on the day.
They have accidentally sent a completely different set of messages to their audience than they had intended - assuming they were clear on their messages in the first place. This is a very high risk strategy, even for a short presentation and an experienced presenter. I can provide this either live online or face to face -You may be looking to develop the presentation skills of your management team and are seeking workshops, seminars, conference breakouts or lecture style eventsWhatever your needs, I provide flexible and effective solutions for individuals, managers and businesses who are looking to transform their speaking and presenting skills.It's the start that stops most people, so what is your next step?

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