This creative Prezi template uses modern design techniques to offer a clean design along the entire presentation. Inside this free Prezi template you can also find reusable data charts like the bar chart example shown below.
By zooming in you can get into the bar chart details during the presentation helping the audience to understand the data. This annual report template for Prezi have placeholders that you can use to enter your revenue growth letting you sent and measure continuous improvement goals . As we do in PowerPoint, in this Prezi template we can also use shapes and graphics to represent business diagrams.
Finally, if you are preparing an Annual Report presentation for your global business then world maps can be strongly helpful. An annual report is a comprehensive report on a company’s activities throughout the preceding year.

In one of the categories, there was a winner for the best Prezi template design that you can reuse to make other presentations. Starting from a logo placeholder that you can replace by your company logo, hexagons and simple icons, this Prezi let you present your data in an effective way. Here is a process diagram design that uses hexagonal shapes and Prezi icons to represent a simple process flow of up to 3 or 5 steps. Inside this free Annual Report template you can find a nice worldmap design ready for Prezi that you can then animate and apply zooming to focus into any desired location or region. Using this Annual Report template for Prezi you can give company shareholders and other interested people information about the company’s activities and financial performance.
The nominated was the following free Annual Report Prezi Template that you can use to make other Prezis with your own data and charts. By taking advantage of built-in Prezi features like the ZUI (Zooming User Interface) you can wow your audience while presenting your company annual report.

Prezi is a versatile app that  Download Prezi for Windows and use the Prezi Windows app to edit, store, and present prezis offline, directly from your PC, notebook or Windows-based tablet. 7 ????? (?????) ???? ????? ?????? Prezi ?? ????? ??????? : ????? ??????? ?????? ??????? : ??? ??????? ??? ????? ????? ?? ?????? ????? ?????? ????????? ?????? ??????? ( Aurora The best Prezi presentation ever! Prezi Desktop is a simple but powerful application which serves to create beautiful and easy-to-read presentations – Download Prezi Desktop latest version here.

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