When visitors come to the site they find an informational site that discusses in detail the world of private charter planes and then the benefits of renting these types of luxury jets . Browsing the site, visitors will learn about the benefits of hiring a  personal plane , some obvious and others not so obvious. The site is organized in a blog format and the owners post new articles with relevant information about executive air charter on a regular basis. Private Jet Daily is the one source for news regarding the Private Jet and charter industry. Our Easy Flash Templates allow you to edit your text, button labels, email form, background music, and pictures in Notepad or any other text editor, so absolutely no Flash experience nor a copy of Flash is required, as all the content of the template is stored in the external text.html file, which can be easily edited in any text or HTML editor.

The website was developed by individuals who understand the need and the desire for travel by private jet and they have put together a website that reveals the advantages of traveling via private jet hire and that links individuals to private aircraft services so they can gain pricing information about  airplane rental and other executive charter services available in the marketplace. The owners of the site felt it important to define the aircraft rentals marketplace to give readers a better understanding of what they can expect when they make the decision to rent a luxury aircraft. In addition to the obvious reasons of privacy, convenience and saving time, the website also reveals that chartering a private jet also allows travelers to be more productive. According to the site, traditionally most aircraft rentals have been for corporate aircraft charters, but in recent years more individuals, especially groups of individuals have discovered the benefits of traveling via executive air charter and jet lease services have come onto the scene to help them chartering a flight. Perhaps the revelation that many would not have thought of is that   private charter planes offer a much higher level of security for both business and leisure travelers.

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