So you want to make a big impact, but you dona€™t have the in-house expertise to take that PowerPoint presentation or that training video over the top. All salesman know that no matter how good your product or service is, it is all in the pitch. 15 Professional Slides Per PresentationEach of the five pitch decks includes 15 unique slides full of editorial, diagrams, charts, photographs, illustrations, and more. Simple to EditEach slide is fully editable, so just click on the content and change up the names, images and illustrations and you're all set.
Multiple Presentation FormatsHaving a tough time deciding whether to go with the 3:4 or 16:19 format on your presentation?
In addition to the 5 professional pitch decks, you'll also get 6 of the fonts used in these presentations for free. This collection of 5 PowerPoint presentation pitch decks normally sells for $35, but for a limited time, you can get this entire bundle for just $17!

These are PowerPoint files which require Microsoft Powerpoint for Windows or Mac (not included).
Effusion Creative Solutions presentation clients have gained millions of dollars in funding and new accounts. And with a professional, polished PowerPoint Presentation, your stage is set to wow your audience. The presentation is pre-loaded with information and photos to show exactly how each slide can look. Note: The stock photography and images used in each pitch deck are NOT included in the presentation deck files. Think of the time you're saving by having the full presentation already designed and just waiting for the content itself.
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Whether you're new to PowerPoint or an old pro, finding the right look for your PowerPoint presentation can be a painful and time consuming task.
Good thing you found this Mighty Deal featuring the Ultimate PowerPoint Presentation Bundle from PitchStock. We'll use our creative PowerPoint tools-of-the-trade and unique know-how to transform the information and objectives of your organization, your department, or your team to create the PowerPoint slide desgn impact you need to succeed!

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