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But instead of traipsing around town or taxiing it from the station, why not make life easy and hole up in a historic British railway hotel?Many of the original station hotels built for the boom of 19th century are not only still standing but they’re in remarkably rude health to boot. Architecturally it certainly ranks alongside it as one of the finest railway hotels in Britain.The Central railway station it was originally built for in 1903 is long gone and these days it sits opposite from the Manchester Central Conference Centre, making it perfect for business travellers and high rollers. Speaking of which, one of the hotel’s claims to fame is being the venue for a historic meeting between a certain Mr Rolls and Mr Royce.

This 18th century mansion house is steeped in history and you half expect to find Hercule Poirot stalking the corridors.Talking of which, why not get in the Murder on the Orient Express mood and take the Night Riviera Sleeper to Cornwall from London.And if you’re lucky enough to already live in this lovely slice of south western serenity, why not make the most of your backyard using the Devon and Cornwall Railcard? The Midland Hotel (as it was originally called) was built in 1841 as part of the Railway Village, an ambitious complex of buildings designed by Francis Thompson, including Derby Station, a colossal train shed, a railway roundhouse and workshop and some 80 houses built for railway employees.The Hallmark Group bought this Grade II-listed building in 2009, refurbishing it with a cosy, contemporary vibe with subtle nods to the hotel’s Victorian heritage, retaining the original oak interiors, walled garden and ornate garden room. We put our disadvantage to good use by sampling the Balmoral, a sumptuous Rocco Forte establishment. It would be worth a visit for the gorgeous art deco architecture alone but is a lovely place to stay in its own right. Due to the constraints of listing the stylish bedrooms are not large, but are quirky and ingenious in layout.

The high spot was the dining room with its unobstructed panoramic outlook over Morecambe Bay.

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