Smart Canucks is Canada's first Canadian shopping deals blog and has been operating since 2006! You can actually apply it over or under other shades to intensify them or get a more vampy look. Black isn’t my personal shade of choice but I know dozens of people both online and in real life who could rock this hardcore and beyond. A part of me wants this, but then I remember how much I dislike the formulas of MAC lipstick… I may pick it up with the Punk Couture collection, as well as a couple of glosses that have caught my eye. I would have also liked to have seen a picture of this actually on your lips; I saw it on another blog, and it looked kind of patchy.
This is like the Grey lipstick they did on Black Friday last year, I lusted over it knew I wouldn’t be able to get it.

I just picked up night moth lip pencil which is really dark and I almost want to get this one to blend with other colors but I KNOW I’ll do it like one time and then move on. I love dark lipsticks so I think this would be a fun one to have- def not getting it though because I don’t *need* it! If you don’t want to spend hours working on your natural tan, this tutorial will help you enhance your tan by adding lots of glow and contrast to your face. Your tutorials are so stunning and simple… Which means, I could actually do it myself!
I dunno if you remember last year’s MAC Grey Friday Lipstick but it turned into a wearable shade that was very versatile. It’s all about knowing which colours to use and where to place them to give the impression that your skin looks tanned and glowing!

Just started a blog, would really appreciate it if you could take a peek at my posts so far! It does migrate and feather a bit…mind you I tested it while I was sitting behind my desk for a few hours and it seemed to like creeping over my upper lip line during that time.

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