Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. The application automatically detects the Mobile operator while entering the number as long as you have not availed MNP facility previously on that number. Payment Mode: More Payment options are added unlike previous app which used to fail with debit payments which included a 3D secure pin feature. You have got Net Banking (All major banks though some are missing will be added soon), Debit Card and Credit card as various payment mode options including Paytm cash. In case of failed transactions you have also got a page that will confirm you a retry of the same recharge or proceed with a fresh recharge by editing the previously entered details making the app a recharge destination from Paytm for Android platform. So, as of now you can TOP Up any Mobile within the app as the Special Recharge option is missing, i even have not tried it. The best way to use this way app is to put money into the PayTM Casg (Virtual Wallet) from your PC with broadband connection, hence no chances of transaction failure. Somehow i feel that this is a sponsored article, because it has not compared this app with other available app and while I type this I can see paytm ad on the right side of the page.. Keep up the good work PayTM guys and wish you all the best to grow up as a large company in India !! Yes,Acquiring MNP Data base it a bit tough particularly when users keep on shifting operators.

Though an app of Paytm is previously available, it lacked many features but it’s not the case with newly launched app. Now within the app itself you will be redirected to WebPages where you need to enter any within the bank pins or passwords for payment confirmations. As soon as i started using the app the very first feature i found missing is the essence of Paytm’s more demanding feature – Top up or Special Recharge option which is available in the previous version of the app is not available in the latest version.
Home, back, start a fresh recharge, exit buttons are also missing which are a bit irritating. His passion for telecom by integrating technology with global insights and real scenarios makes him end up with some fascinating analysis on TelecomTalk.
I have paid a Vodafone Post Paid bill, twice, .Twice, I have followed the usual norms and at the end point there popped up a message, that they are sorry, but this transaction could not be processed due to some reasons.
For failed transactions they will never return refund after reminders only they will initiate the refund.
From past few months, I’ve been recharging my smartphones with PayTM and none of the times it has failed in doing recharge. I have two debit cards- one is master debit card of SBI and other is Visa Debit card from IDBI.
But lately they retain the failed transaction amount into their amount and we have to use that failed transaction amount through their website only.
When I try to recharge on Paytm using any of the above described cards, the recharge gets failed.

More Needs be DoneRcom officially announces May 31st as the last day of CDMA services in phase 1 circlesPortronics launches water-resistant POSH Bluetooth speakers at Rs. You can even get some support for any problems or confusions arising in using the app through the Help section of the app. I hope the missing features will be added immediately in any pipelined update, Paytm are you listening? Vodafone has given me assurance, but this indifferent stance has made me determined, that, I must not tread the way of Paytm.
Most of the banks offer online mobile refill through their net baking, use this for recharge and you will credited only when it is accepted by the service provider and you will never lose your money.
After few days, I got a mail from Paytm care that my problem is resolved but when I tried to recharge, same problem occured.
Initially, I started using Paytm only, but when its business volume grown, it started playing retaining failed transactions amount on their fund instead of refunding though it is a group company of TIMES OF INDIA . Bank net banking mobile refill service wherever is available or Service providers recharge facility through their website only.

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