Uber is an app that connects you with a driver at the tap of your screen and is just about the coolest service EVER!  I was super excited to share Uber with you along with a Uber promo code ” dm33t ” for $10 off so you can try it yourself! I had heard rave reviews about Uber from my hairdresser Tera and had been curious to give it a try. We were going to meet for dinner before, which would likely include a glass of wine and then were wanting to partake in a few cocktails at the show, so Uber was going to be a must.
And please note, the discount will be taken on your receipt, and won’t be showed at the end of your ride.
Disclosure: Using my Uber promo code gives you and me both $10, so thanks in advance for helping support some future safe nights out on the town!! Uber launched in Birmingham back in spring 2015, and since then has become increasingly popular form of taxi travel. Uber is an international company that allows customers to book cabs within minutes, using a smartphone app.

After a taxi ride, the payment comes off your card, so there’s no fumbling for cash or change. Uber conducts strict background checks on all its drivers, and they abide by a code of conduct. The app tells you who your driver is and their licence plate number even before they arrive.
Get an extra round of drinks, order desserts, splash out on another top – whatever you fancy.
Download Uber on your phone or here and enter Promotional Code DINEUBER15 for a free ride up to ?15.
Be the first to know.Join our Email Club for new restaurants & exclusive offers!We send just 1 email a month. The opportunity came one night when my sister and I decided to do a girls’ night out and see a show at the Irvine Improv.

Within minutes, a driver will be located and you will see the type of car coming for you, the driver’s name, customer star rating and can TRACK his location on your map so you can see where exactly they are! Once you arrive at the destination, you simply GET OUT of the car and your credit card is billed for the ride including a 20% gratuity, so there is absolutely ZERO CASH exchanged. A receipt will then be emailed to you with all the stats on your ride, mileage fee, MPH, etc.
We have surpassed three million page views.We remind readers that an arrest is an accusation. So for your next date night, special occasion, wedding, 40th birthday, moms’ night out, remember Uber!

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