Click through this link and get up to 30% discount on select major appliances $396 or more. Click through this link and get free local delivery, assembly and Haul Away on grills orders $498 or more. Click through this link and get up to 30% discount on patio furniture and outdoor fashions. Click through this link and get $10 to $40 rebate on select stain, plus Sealant and Resurfacers. Just scroll down at the bottom of the page to locate the signup box and enter your email address to redeem offer. In return for receiving 10 text messages per month from Home Depot, they will give you a promo code good for $5 off your next purchase of $50.
Next, you can get an additional 5.1% cash rebate on all Home Depot on-line purchases (or 3% on Lowe's) by signing up at TopCashBack. After succesfully using your promo code, please come back to this page and leave feedback below.

Renovopower is a free resource for information and education about renewable energy, in particular solar and solar electric home power generation. If you have a large order, you can join TopCashBack and save another 5% on top of the promo code discount, too. There is a $5 off $50 (10%) coupon you can get here (at the top of this page), but I think it is only in-store.
However, you can join cashback programs and get 2% to 3% rebate, and also, when you buy the gift card, you use a credit card that gives 1% rebate, so those two are almost equivalent to the 5% you're missing. It's the link above these comments, the higher of the two, the one that says 5% is actually 6% right now (keeps changing) while the one that says 6% below it, is actually just 4% right now.
But you can get 5.1% with TopCashBack and if you're patient you can get a discounted Home Depot gift card - 2 links above, at this point in time both are sold out, you have to try every once in a while until you get lucky. Combine that with the 6% discount on Home Depot gift cards, and you got 11% discount on all on-line purchases at Home Depot.
I saved 6% buy buying the discounted Home Depot gift card (link above), and got 5% rebate by joining TopCashBack (the link is on the Lowe's page).

If you're thinking about installing a grid-tied solar power system at home or office, it can be useful to learn the basics. Then TopCashBack gives you another 5% rebate on all HD (on-line) purchase, and you can always stake a discounted gift card savings to pay for your purchases (in-store, or on-line - make sure you have the right type of gift card).
If you're a big Home Depot customer, stock up now on the 6% off gift cards before they sell out. I got a $100 card, and combined with TopCashBack 5% rebate, am saving 11% on our new paint.
Make sure to buy the right type of card: "physical" (plastic) is for in-store purchases, and "electronic" (printable) is for on-line purchases.

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