Even though most discount sites say that they offer a $ 9.99 weekend special on cars, this is usually offered by most Enterprise locations anyway.
If you have a membership with AARP, you will usually get a percentage discount at Enterprise.
Another option, is if you book ahead at Budget and prepay on a non discounted reservation, you could get as much as 35% of your next vehicle.
If you have an AAA membership, go to your local office and get a Hertz rental car discount coupon.
If you have any airline memberships, you could also use this to get car rental discount coupons. If you book your vehicle in advance and prepay in full, you could also get 10% off on your next vehicle at Alamo.

If you are renting from California or Florida, you could get as much 20% off your next reservation, so check MouseSavers for information. As part of your Nebraska Cattlemen membership you receive money saving discounts with hotels and rental cars. Nebraska Cattlemen Past President Dave McCracken and his wife, Carol, will be your hosts for this extraordinary travel opportunity and NC partner, Executive Travel, will provide expert tour guides to make the experience one you will never forget. This will be a wonderful time to see old friends and meet new ones on a memorable tour of Alaska.
Get 42 National Car Rental coupons and coupon codes .Thrifty Car Rental offers you the best deals on car rentals available anywhere.
This is a website that mainly helps people who are traveling around Disney Land and Disney World locations, but they have so many Avis rental car discount coupons that you should really look into their site.

You can also get a Hertz rental car discount coupon from warehouse clubs like Costco and Bj’s Wholesale, so if you have a membership, you should inquire with them about Hertz rental car discount coupons. You can get discount rental coupons for as much as 10% off on your reservations, as well as specific deals for large vehicles like SUVs and Minivans.
You should read up on in which situations this might be a good option to take because it could save you money.
With the right rental car discount coupons, you could potentially save tens and hundreds on your next reservation.

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