During this summer, your kids have probably shot up another two inches and their clothes from last year got most likely all ruined from the playground and all the running and playing they have done. Take one afternoon to check your children’s wardrobes to see what clothes are ruined and which ones do not fit them anymore and spot the gaps that you will need to fill with your back to school shopping. Browse websites and catalogs to see what this year’s back to school fashion is and what your children like. Buy only the bare minimum your children really need before the school starts, when the prices are much higher, but wait for the sales that will be after the school has started to buy the rest.
If they have grown a few inches they have probably outgrown also their underwear or it might have gotten ruined in the past year.
Try to avoid going for trendy and expensive items that your children will probably wear only a few times and then never look at them again, but focus instead on buying them basic separates that you can mix and match and wear with anything. Thrift stores, charity shops or garage sales are the best places to go and look for back to school clothes. You can find all sorts of coupons on the internet, from the 6PM coupon to the Famous Footwear coupon.

So, now that you know how to plan your shopping trip and what to buy, here are some practical back to school outfits that you can use as inspiration for dressing your children. Girl: a cute floral dress can be super versatile because your little girl will be able to wear it from fall to spring with ease, simply by adding a pair of thick black pantyhose, some rain boots and a colorful waterproof anorak on top. Boy: also for the boy a dry back to school outfit, with a pair of loose fitting and comfortable jeans, some rain boots, a waterproof jacket and a cool short-sleeve shirt. Girl: at this age your girl will probably want to feel more grown up and the uniform clothes are not so good anymore. If something is just a little bit ruined, it is not necessary that you through it away but you can just repair it or have it repaired. In choosing the clothes that you are going to buy, keep in mind also any dress code that you children might have. You can save a lot of money by using them and especially if you combine coupons with sales. She will stay dry during the rainy period and, if it is really cold, you can also add a long sleeve top underneath.

A pair of skinny jeans, a casual t-shirt with some sparkle and a pair of comfy and trandy boots are all she needs.
If it does not fit but it’s in great conditions you can either sell it or do a clothing swap.
Then you can write down a list of everything that you need and plan a budget based on that.
Allow them only a couple of trendy items to make them happy and excited about going back to school. The best place to shop for back to school clothes is probably Target, because it has lots of basics, uniforms and also some trendy items.

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