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Event details may change at any time, always check with the event organizer when planning to attend this event or purchase tickets. Those already familiar with traditional daily fantasy sports lobbies such as FanDuel should have little trouble mastering the Vulcun interface. That being said, Vulcun doesn’t quite offer the magnitude of lineup management features and contest filtering options available on more established daily fantasy sites. What Vulcun does provide is integrated streaming functionality, adding an element of synergy previously unseen in the nascent daily fantasy eSports market. The Vulcun web platform can be accessed via a variety of browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Mac Safari.
Head-to-Head: As the name suggests, Head-to-Head contests pit two contestants against one another, with the winner doubling their money (minus entry fees) and the loser going home empty handed.
Winner Take All: Similar to Head-to-Head games in that there is only one winner, except that Winner Take All games permit tens or even hundreds of entries.

The Vulcun opening bonus is unique in that it offers a mix of free entries into real-money contests and also some free items for use in your favorite games via Vulcun's "crates" - items for games like Counter-Strike Global Offensive. Upon completing the basic registration process, players will be directed to the cashiering page, where they can choose to fund their account.
In all cases, approved withdrawals will typically take between 3-4 days to hit your account. New registrants that enter our vulcun promo code BIGBONUS can receive an attractive bonus bundle – details below. In addition to purchasing gold or getting gold through the initial deposit, you can also earn Gold by completing on-site activities like performing well in eSports based trivia contests.
Under the UIGEA of 2006, real-money fantasy sports contests are permissible in so long as the operator abides by the parameters outlined in the law and also follows state law. Furthermore, eSports players have been recognized by the US government as professional athletes, clearing any ambiguity as to whether eSports is an official sport. The only states in which Vulcun does not offer real-money contests are Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Nevada, Montana and Washington. If the name Vulcun sounds familiar, that’s because the site owners were involved in eSports well before launching their daily fantasy eSports brand. Just a few short months later, the San Francisco-based team raised $12 million in its Series A round of financing. Keep updated on all of the major partnerships and sponsorships in the fantasy sports industry.
Every day new promotions are added on the website, you will find lovely local deals as well as national shopping offers. You can easily look up your favourite webshops by typing the name of the webshop in the search area on top of the homepage. In the text of every webshop you find an explanation of how to use the discount code and where you can find the field. In the shopping bag of the webshop you can paste the discount code and place it in the right field by clicking ‘paste’ with the mouse. On this page we have added some of the best and most popular 2015 Amazon promo codes for 10% Off, 20% Off and 50% off,  for everyone to enjoy. A promotional code for 3$ off on digital MP3 downloads will not work for a digital book download, and so on. But please note that only one promo code can be used per item and remember that the promotions usually only run for s short period, so if a particular promocode doen’t work, its probably because it has expired already.
And thanks to Vulcun’s integrated tutorials and streamlined selection process, players new to the daily fantasy realm will find themselves picking up the basics in no time.

For now, players utilizing smartphone or tablet devices will have to get by with the mobile optimized version of the web app. At present, it appears that players can only buy into these contests using Vulcun’s virtual currency. Note that our rankings for Vulcun are relative to the other fantasy eSports sites and not an absolute comparison to all DFS sites. Requests up to the amount of the amount deposited are sent to the original payment method used. There are no fees associated with withdrawal, although Paypal has been known to slap users with nominal transaction charges. The promo code is just used once when you create your account at Vulcun, and you have access to all of the games on site after you create your account.
Laws in these jurisdictions either ban real-money fantasy sports contests outright or can be read as legally ambiguous.
Although the team disbanded to reform as XDG Gaming in October 2013, the name Vulcun would soon take on new life as a pioneer in the DFeS space.
At launch, the team announced that it would be guaranteeing $250,000 for the upcoming eSports season. The good news is that Vulcun is currently focusing the majority of its work efforts and monetary resources on product development and community expansion, and not on a premature marketing campaign. He writes for several online poker publications and dreams of one day programming a poker simulation clever enough to beat the pros. A complete breakdown of the state eligibility for major one day fantasy sports sites like FanDuel, DraftKings and more. When you click on the green button in the right corner on top of the page ‘show code and open shop’, the chosen shop will open in another window of your browser. Do you want to stay informed of the most recent discount codes and online promotions, sign up for the newsletter and you’ll receive a weekly update of the best online promotions! That means the Vulcun promo code gets you free in-game items and what amount to free entries into real-money fantasy eSports competitions. That number quickly swelled to $1 million, $4 million and finally $10 million over the course of the next several months.

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