According to a study published in the Mintel Tourism Publication 2014 (report), it was observed that amongst the overseas holidaymakers in the UK, almost 22% prefer the United States, 15% prefer the rest of Europe, 12% prefer Africa and Asia, 12% prefer Oceania while a whopping 24%, the highest, prefer going to Canada and Newfoundland.
Call it the similar foggy and icy coastal gloom or a touch of home in a frozen land, Canada has been a favourite destination for Brits.
The best part about Canadian Affair’s services is their excellent support team and highly flexible packages. Canadian Affair has recently partnered with Transat AT Co, for the flights between the UK and Canada.
In a first instance in two decades, Canadian Affair has expanded its tours to include the United States of America, in 2014. Canadian Affair offers an extensive insurance package to the tourist along with every tour booking.
Canadian Affair is a very popular and trusted tourist agency for the travelers from the UK touring Canada.
With these Canadian Affair promo codes, you can save you up to 10% on hotel booking, up to ?10 off per head on skis and caribou rides, up to ?50 off on return bookings of children aged below 12 and elders aged above 65. Viator is the leading website providing vacation tours to everywhere around the world, from Rome to Phuket to Perth. Get $10 credit to use on tours and activities around the world for every qualified friend you invite. Get Only $158.99 on Santa Barbara, Solvang & Hearst Castle Day Trip from Los Angeles at Viator.

Be the first to hear about special offers, exclusive savings, new magazines and a lot more. Voting has ended for this contest – we are happy to announce that Ayers Rock was voted the #1 attraction in the Northern Territory!
With so many activities and destinations to choose from in the Northern Territory, the best way to introduce yourself to the area is through its top sights. Everyone who participates will gain access to a 10% off promo code, valid on all Viator destinations through October 31.
Canadian Affair knows it the best, because they are largest speciality travel and tour agency for British people wishing to go to Canada. This has expected to cut down tour costs by at least 5% for the company, and in turn tourists. The tours, though fewer in numbers and far between, include some of the top tourists destinations along the East Coast of the United States.
Drawn up with an experienced travel insurance company ETI International, these insurances are a part of the tour package in most cases and are aimed at helping the tourists in unfortunate cases of accidents or illnesses.
To save a good deal of cash on tours to Canada with Canadian Affair, make use of our exclusive Canadian Affair promo codes while booking. Viator make everything more easier than ever, just by a click from your laptop, smartphone or mobile device and then you succeed in booking your trips. Enjoy a colorful sunset at Uluru, go kayaking at Katherine Gorge, and take amazing views at Kings Canyon.

These attractions each give you a different perspective on the region, and this list is a great place to begin if you’re planning a visit.
However, increased income in the late 90’s allowed more and more people to travel abroad and Canadian Affair cashed in on this by providing a host of a la carte tours to Canada from England and Ireland. Reviews and feedback for Canadian Affair’s services online suggests that most of the packages can be personalised to a great degree, allowing you to choose what to eat, in the least. The partnership is of mutual benefit as Transat runs its own air carries (AirTransat), it has an wide chain of hotels across Canada, it has in-place distribution network and tourist carrier infrastructure. Enjoy Viator coupon code or promo code and choose one of your favorite destinations to book at best price!
Today, Canadian Affair has offices in expensive corporate stretches in London and Glasgow in the UK and Vancouver in Canada. Since, most of the country is covered in snow for the better part of the year, only locals who know the country well can help your tour. They have a staff of around 85 people who take care of finances, bookings, sales and support facilities. Make sure to check back each week as we narrow the list down until we find the #1 Northern Territory attraction, which will be announced on October 28.

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