That, along with many downloads, starts to get Amazon interested enough to (maybe) promote the book a little themselves. Scroll down the page a couple of inches and you’ll see a button to download the app for kindle. Sign in and get YOUR FREE copy of "Four Questions to Change your Life" -- an Ebook ON SELF-KNOWLEDGE that will introduce you to yourself and success!
This is where I’ll show you the way to be more successful in your personal, academic and professional life.

It is a marketing book for writers who have to promote their books without sufficient financial resources. You don’t have to read it , although you might find it interesting you are a writer or a marketer! Amazon’s algorithms will count you as an interested party (they can even tell if you ‘read ‘it or not, and how much if it!). Some items don’t need the free shipping code, it automatically deducts shipping at the end!

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