In today’s law firm website design mockup feature, we proudly present the attorney website design mockup of our Ohio family law attorney client. This legal website design mockup features a classic layout designed to provide easy access to visitors. This lawyer web design is still in the mockup stage of our design process and changes are expected to be made. Our client reached out to us wanting to create a classic law firm web design that would display both professionalism and guidance in the areas of family law and dissolution.

It was decided that a color scheme focusing on calm and support would go best with this family law oriented attorney web design, so our team chose a mixture of blue and gray. Still, we feel it’s a great start to a project and we look forward to the final law firm web design. At Law Promo, we’ve created a number of law firm web designs for clients who practiced family law, so our design team drew on their past experience to create an original law firm website design. The primary practice areas of our client are displayed prominently in the middle of the website so that visitors are provided instant access to the information within the pages.

For more information on our legal web designs, check out our law firm website design portfolio!

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