Residents of villages that were damaged by the Sidoarjo mudflow and residents received compensation, after almost ten years, from the Indonesian oil and gas company, PT Lapindo Brantas.
The mudflow eruption is suspected to have been triggered by the drilling activities of oil and gas company, though they refute the claims, instead blaming a 6.3 magnitude earthquake that struck a neighboring city two days before the mudflow eruption. The earthquake struck Yogyakarta on May 27th, 2006, a city 150 miles west of a drill site in Sidoarjo, two days before the mudflow eruption.

According to reports, twenty lives were lost and nearly 40,000 people displaced, with damages topping $2.7 billion.
The governments of France and Germany will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the World War I Battle of Verdun with ceremonies tomorrow. Several weeks of rain fall in the area has seen the lake rise about 1m after much needed water flow into the lake.

Malaysia has received almost 68 Syrian immigrants that have been selected to join this migrant program.

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