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Download Publishing Profile for this Web site – this will download a file with your publishing settings. For more information check out this post from arvixe support: arvixe support postĀ from arvixe support.
It looks like it doesn't want to write the database to godaddy, despite all the connection settings validating in Visual Studio 2013.
Now you can separately update your GoDaddy database via the database deployment of Visual Studio. Maybe it's their fault, but on the other hand there documentation from Microsoft is very poor about the PublishDatabaseSettings element in their new ".pubxml" files.

Why does Uncle Bob suggest that coding standards shouldn't be written down if you can avoid it?
When you get your account information you can then go to control panel and set up your web site to use web deploy. I created a new empty database in godaddy and set up the connection settings in Web Deploy. All I want to do is have a solution in Visual Studio 2013 that has that database in it, and then when I make structural changes to the database in Visual Studio 2013 (such as adding a table), I want those changes to be updated in the database on godaddy as well.
Please ask them to restart the web management service and check that webdeploy has been setup to your site. To start with, database project deployment will also fail, but with a more useful error message.

Maybe that is better, but it's a shame the web deployment "one click" solution cannot also do the database with Go Daddy. So you have to edit your deploy profile, in the advanced settings, disable the "Deploy database properties" checkbox then save the profile.

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