Ask Different is a question and answer site for power users of Apple hardware and software. Does the Macbookpro calendar even 'play well' with dissimilar devices, say the iPad, or the iPhone that this other person might be using?
Is it even possible for people using a conventional browser on a non-Mac device to access such a calendar. In the following dialog, click the [email] button and enter the email address with whom you want to share. When Apple's 'iCloud' makes the Calendar available for sharing, a Green Icon appears just to the right of the name of the Calendar. It wouldn't hurt to have them try to add a calendar entry in a reciprocal manner to the same Calendar to see if you can see it. If you have a falling out or otherwise part ways with your friend, you can easily 'unpublish' your calendar (or even just stop updating it) from within the iCloud website.
For extra credit, try to see if you can get the receiving device to 'ping' in response to new calendar entries.
As per Q3, above, it seems that you still have to ask the person if they've accepted the invite and looked at a calendar entry. The Apple Knowledge Base has an article on how to use iCal basics, and includes a Publish your calendar section.
If you made the calendar public, you'll need to copy the URL and share that via email, IM etc. When you go to the sharing properties it'll show you if they've accepted the share and are subscribing. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged icloud ical sharing calendar schedule or ask your own question. If you haven’t already created a calendar in iCal (Pre-Mountain-Lion) or in the new Mountain Lion "Calendar" app, it’s pretty simple, and you’re going to need a calendar if you want to share one. In the File menu, Choose “New Calendar.” You’ll want to make it an iCloud Calendar if it’s for publishing or sharing, and for the purpose of this tutorial, it is.
Right-clicking and choosing Get Info let's you fiddle with a few more calendar options, obviously most important of which is color.
The only thing you have to do with a new calendar is give it a name, and that’s not even mandatory if you’re okay with your calendars all going around as “Untitled.” Right-clicking and choosing "Get Info" let's you fiddle with a few more calendar options, obviously, most important of which is color. You can publish a public read-only calendar, editable only by you, or you can share a calendar with only the email addresses you choose, and then choose whether or not others are allowed to make changes. In the sharing settings, choose “Only the people you invite” if you want to create an editable calendar shared among your friends, family, colleagues, etc.
You can also set each person’s privilege for the calendar here, whether you’d like them to be able to edit the calendar or have read-only access. When you’ve finished, click the Share button, and a sharing icon appears next to your calendar in the calendar list. Providing everyone has an iCloud account and is setup to use Calendar or something compatible, there are a lot of great uses for a shared community calendar. Public calendars work differently from the invite-only calendars above in that they’re shared via a URL. If you create a calendar that might have wider public appeal, isn’t tied to personal events, and won’t need to be edited by others, you may want to publish it as a public calendar.

To get the URL, right-click on the calendar and choose "Get Info" or "Copy URL to Clipboard," or select "Get Info" in the Edit Menu. For a stranger to have gotten to your calendar, they’d need that URL, and they’re not going to get it by guessing. The snag in sharing calendars is that everyone is pretty much going to need to have an iCloud account to view the calendar. That said, with the advent of iCloud and Calendar, sharing and publishing calendars has gotten a lot easier. If you have questions, or want to share something with the Cyberwarzone community, then feel free to use the Cyberwar forum.
Du bruker en eldre versjon av nettleseren Internet Explorer.For a fa en best mulig opplevelse av vare nettsider, bor du gratis oppgradere nettleseren din her. Mobil- og nettkaprerne herjer, men du kan ta enkle grep for a unnga at du blir deres neste offer.
Stjerner som Winona Ryder, AnnaLynne McCord, Nina Dobrev og Erin Heatherton er ofre for ny nakenbildelekkasje. Skuespiller Jennifer Lawrence (24) fryktet karrieren sto i fare etter at en hacker spredte nakenbilder av stjernen pa nett. Det er ikke hold i pastanden om at Dropbox-kontoer har blitt hacket, hevder selskapet selv. Step 2: Open iCal on your Apple computer and click the CALENDARS icon in the upper left corner. Step 4: After logging into your Google Calendar, click the arrow to the right of the calendar you want to share.
Did you know Wes has published several eBooks and "eBook singles?" 1 of them is available free! If you're trying to listen to a podcast episode and it's not working, check this status page. I was using 30 boxes for just this thing, but after the Yosemite update my calendars no longer sync. I get the point about Google, but I’ve found that when I use their embedded calendar I have issues sizing it for mobile view. But they will be able to see the calendar on any device where they have an application that supports the CalDAV protocol—which means they need to use Google Calendar, iCloud via a browser etc.
You can also change your calendar’s name if you accidentally called it something like “Snooki,” give it a description, and change alert settings.
You can create a calendar for your family, editable by you and your spouse but giving your ankle biters read-only access, so they don’t make every evening spaghetti night or something.
The sharing icon will appear next to the calendar again, but not a whole lot else will seem to happen.
You just made your personal calendar, with all of your doctor's appointments and plans with friends and dates with your significant other, public to all of the Internet. Unless you gave out the URL to someone, it’s likely no one even knows about your date with Dr. Even public calendars may have some trouble syncing with other services, as I got an error that Google was blocked by Apple from adding iCloud calendars to their calendar service. A couple of clicks and an email invite or copied URL later, and you’ve shared your calendar.

All the cyberwar reports, videos, posts and comments are here to inform you about the cyberwar field. Verktoyet begrenses av at det bare har 500 ord i ordlisten sin over passord, og dermed er du bare i faresonen dersom du bruker et av disse.Enkle passordAlle passordene pa listen oppfyller kravene fra iCloud til hvor langt og hva et passord ma inneholde for a v?re godt.
In this post, I’ll share how to use the free web service 30boxes to publish a combined iCloud Calendar and Google Calendar. Since I wrote this post, also, our family entirely moved over to Google Calendars so we don’t keep anything on iCloud. It seems that 30boxes is no longer supported (the service is still online but their forums are gone and apparently no one responds to account cancellation requests). You can also have a project-based calendar shared among co-workers or a party-based calendar shared among your friends. Anyone with that URL will have access to the calendar, whether or not they were the intended recipients of the calendar.
You’ll be asked to confirm that you want to remove the calendar from the Internet and stop sharing it with others. So while you’re happily scheduling events and sharing calendars in Calendar on your Mac, it’s good to keep in mind your audience using your calendar may not be on the same page. Passordet kan da v?re en setning knyttet til yndlingsboka eller forfatteren din ? eller forbokstavene i ordene som former setningen.
Likevel er passordene relativt primitive og enkle. De fleste passordene i ordlisten er pa engelsk, sa med norsk passord er du kanskje ikke i umiddelbar fare.
Du ma bruke ditt egentlige navn, v?r saklig, respekter andres meninger og husk at mange kan se hva du skriver. This can be handy if you want to publicly or privately share your calendars from iCloud and Google Calendar with other folks on a webpage.
Do you know an alternative or better way to share both an iCloud Calendar and Google Calendar simultaneously on a webpage? In this tutorial, we’ll create a calendar from scratch and walk through how to share it via email invitation as well as how to publish it publicly on the Internet. If they want to sync the calendar with another service, it will have to be compatible with iCloud. You’ll want to make sure you haven’t included any personal information in your calendar’s events.
Even if you did email the URL to your mom, dad, and six best friends, unless one of them reblogged it, no one you don’t know is looking at your dirty laundry. Once you’ve confirmed, the sharing icon will disappear from beside the calendar and it will once again be private to you.
Men om du har navnet pa fotballklubben du heier pa som passord bor du v?re pa vakt.Det samme gjelder folk som er fan av Justin Bieber eller Blink182, og har brukt det som passord.

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