IF you are publish website first time then you need to create new profile.it store in your App_Data folder.
Advanced MP3 Catalog - An MP3 Organizer, MP3 Editor and MP3 ID3 Tag Editor allows you catalog the drives with MP3 files. Image Catalog - Batch thumbnailing utility capable of processing multiple directories with one push of a button. No external DNS hosts were created by solving all of these URLs to the ip of external network interface of the TMG. For the new service to external URL Mobility Service Discovery Service should be added to the SAN certificate, the URL LyncDiscover.

Right Click on your website in Solution Explore bar and choose second option Publish Website. Click Sign In to add the tip, solution, correction or comment that will help other users.Report inappropriate content using these instructions.
First of all if you want secure your code that’s why in published website there is a no back end file like cs or vb file.
For most of the times I put the same name as the external site name, because it’s easier for user to remember one site name than two.
Check the box Use a computer name or IP address to connect to the published server, and enter the name or IP address of the internal server that host the Web site.

If you have a website that need the original header check the box Forward the original host header instead of the actual one specified in the Internal site name field on the previous page, else leave it unchecked.Here in the Public Name Details on the public name box we need to put the FQDN of the website. This is going to be the name that external users are using to connect to the website.In this screen select HTTP Web Listener so TMG will start listening for HTTP traffic that comes from the outside.

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