A public URL, which is generated from the steps outlined above, is a multi-access link that allows multiple people to respond to the survey. If you want public access to your survey, but want participants to take the survey only once, you can provide a survey access code. IF you are publish website first time then you need to create new profile.it store in your App_Data folder. To check the status of your public surveys, go to Manage Public URLs, where you can see the number of people who have accessed each survey and how many responses you’ve received.

It’s perfect for situations where you don’t have email addresses and can’t send out individual survey invites. Right Click on your website in Solution Explore bar and choose second option Publish Website.
First of all if you want secure your code that’s why in published website there is a no back end file like cs or vb file. A good naming practice is to name it according to what it is and where the URL will be placed, for example, 2013 Conference Evaluation Survey – Association Member Page.

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