FlowBreeze flowcharting software is a Microsoft Excel add-in that lets you create flowcharts just by typing text.
When it is in interactive flowcharting mode, it converts your text entries into flowchart shapes.
Every time you create a new flowchart shape, a connector is automatically added from the last shape.
It provides a control panel that makes it easy to set up flowcharting rules, preset text and shape formatting, and optimize the flowchart shapes for uniformity while still maintaining a minimum footprint. The most powerful feature of FlowBreeze is the ability to create keywords for each shape type.

When you enter text that contains a keyword, it will generate the corresponding shape type. Another popular feature is the ability to copy a list of steps from any other document, paste it into Excel with FlowBreeze running, and have a flowchart generated automatically. Publicationsoffice productivity software microsoft publisher is software used in graphics designed.
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