Create a professional pamphlet quickly and affordably with this free template for Word and Publisher.
Create a professional datasheet quickly and affordably with this free template for Word and Publisher. Make custom gift certificates for your business or to use at home with these free templates. Each of the following gift certificate templates are compatible with Publisher 2003, 2007 or 2010.
TweetScoop.itHigh School can be considered as the most memorable and most exciting time in one’s life before the responsibilities and pressure of adulthood. A yearbook, also known as an annual since it is published annually, is a good way to keep that piece of high school with you even after you have moved on and have gone to college or into employment. Usually, a team or organization is in charge of creating a yearbook for the graduating high school batch. The Yearbook Template for Microsoft Publisher is a free to use template, which is available at the Microsoft Office portal for free. This free Yearbook Template for Microsoft Publisher is designed to suit any high school yearbook.
Here is a collection of birthday cards for a variety of recipients that you can download to use in Microsoft Publisher - and they are all free!

From a big, lively birthday banner to party invitations, Publisher enables you to create and personalize a wide variety of items. Download the gift certificate templates into Microsoft Publisher and customize them with your company name, logo or any other details you choose. You can easily add your business information if you wish to sell them or give them to customers or clients.
A red ribbon runs horizontally across the middle of the gift certificate and a big red bow sits festively at the right end of the ribbon.
There is a text box centered at the top of the certificate with sample text that you can replace with your business name, address and other contact information. Many people are still connected or in contact with their high school friends or classmates and some even frequently visit their schools for old times’ sake.
They are the ones responsible in compiling photos of the students and many other information and pictures, like academic and extracurricular organizations. You can also make personal, homemade gift certificates to give to family members and friends. If you want to use this certificate for personal giving you can delete this text box by clicking on the border of it to select it and press the Delete key. Some yearbooks contain recaps of memorable events, including football and basketball games.

This Yearbook Template is a useful tool to help you create a high school yearbook full of photos.
The placeholders can be changed to suit your school’s unique organizations and they can be formatted to represent your own school colors.
You can change the fill color of the ribbon by right-clicking it and selecting Format AutoShape. Recolor the bow using the Fill Color button in Publisher 2003 or 2007, or go to the Format tab under Picture Tools in Publisher 2010 to find recoloring options. If you search the web for free Publisher birthday card templates, though, you probably will not come up with many results. Of course, if you are not able to find exactly what you want, you can make a birthday card in Publisher from scratch. Even if they are not specifically what you were looking for, you may find one that you like well enough to modify for your own, unique birthday wishes.

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