Excel to PDF Converter also allows you to easily embed a creative commons license in your PDF file. It does not cost anything to use (free as in beer), and is also open-source, licensed under the GPL (free as in speech).Most free PDF conversion utilities lose your hyperlinks during the conversion.
After conversion, you end up with blue underlined text, but it is not clickable.Excel to PDF Converter preserves your links and keeps them working in the resulting PDF file. PDF files created by scanning books, pages or any physical documents are images to the machine.
Luckily Total PDF Converter OCR allows converting scanned PDF files into editable documents in seconds.
The unique technology of recognizing text in images guarantees high quality of the output file.

It will let you convert your PDF files to several formats: HTML, DOC, RTF, XLS, JPEG, TIFF, and TXT. You can convert your PDF to a single webpage or add buttons to your HTML, so you can scroll from one PaGE to another with One Click of a button. You can convert to an easily editable .doc file or use the exact method if you need an exact layout of the file. Smart PDF Converter Pro can convert to JPEG and TIFF, for which you can set different resolution and quality.
Smart PDF Converter features unique but yet simple interface, all you need to do is to add your PDF file into the software, set an output format, an output folder and press Convert.
The software features an advanced settings menu from where you can choose different conversion methods.

After converting, the content of the file can retain the original layout.No other software like it has the combining function.
The software has comparable price and is accepted by the individual and the collectivity.Free download it for a try now.

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