Visual Studio 2010 has great new Web Application Project publishing features that allow you to easy publish your web app project with a click of a button. The first task we call in our target is the Error task, upon which we’ve placed a condition that ensures that the task only happens if the PublishDestination property hasn’t been set. Thankfully, Build Deployment Package is a lot easier to do from the command line because Visual Studio doesn’t do any manual outside-of-MSBuild stuff; it simply calls an MSBuild target (as it should!). Hi,I encountered the following error when used the above publish to filesystem methodMSB3021 unable to copy because a file or directory with the same name already exists.Any ideas?
Been looking for this for a long time for our build server without finding any good solution. This will catch you and error out the build in case you’ve forgotten to specify the PublishDestination property. The Copy task is then called which copies all those files to the Publish Destination folder.

These features are surely badly documented and I have myself been looking around a lot for this kind of solution.
Unfortunately, the script is hugely complicated, messy and undocumented (other then some oft-badly spelled and mostly useless comments in the file).
We then call the MakeDir task to create that PublishDestination directory if it doesn’t already exist. The DestinationFiles attribute on the Copy element is a bit complex; it performs a transform of the items and converts their paths to new paths rooted at the PublishDestination folder (check out Well-Known Item Metadata to see what those %()s mean). Using this new knowledge you can now open your project up to the world of automation, where you could, for example, get your continuous integration server to create deployable builds of your web application for you upon each commit to your source control repository. A big flowchart of that file and some documentation about how to hook into it would be nice, but seems to be sadly lacking (or at least I can’t find it). How would this have to be achieved (custom targets file)?All content (views, scripts, css) must go into the Areas sub folder of the core.

The dll files must go into the bin folder of the core.The goal is that an administrative person runs the package (eventually with some customizations). I’ll be getting into a bit of MSBuild scripting, so if you’re not familiar with MSBuild I suggest you check out this crash course MSDN page.
You’ll need to do what VS2010 ought to have done: create a target yourself that performs the half-deploy then copies the results to the target folder. To edit your project file, right click on the project in VS2010 and click Unload Project, then right click again and click Edit.

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