Master Stretch False Ceilings offers a wealth of knowledge in technically innovated Stretch Ceiling System which comes with design assistance, fabrication, installation and after-sales care. Users misusing the system or found sending more than this maximum limit in a day is in violation of our terms and conditions and may subsequently be banned. An engineer by profession and has over three decades of working experience in construction and now in to drilling & oil field supplies in the Middle East and Central Asian countries. The Founder & President of BKCA is a social worker associated with Ashwasan, who has been working for the welfare of the elderly in Bangalore . Managing Director of The Twenty First Century Publishing House FZ LLC, has over 30 years of experience in his field. Vice President BCKA : Publisher & Editor-in-Chief of Gulf Connoisseur, the leading luxury lifestyle magazine in the Gulf (English, Arabic & Russian editions).
Works with an Investment Bank and has over 16 years of experience in the banking technology.
A freelance writer passionately involved in arts, media, journalism, social work, photography and science. A fervent admirer of Carnatic music and classical dance, she works with a leading pharmaceutical MNC at Bangalore. Works with Indian Oil Corporation Ltd and has over 5+ years of experience in IT and Oil Sector. We believe in fostering awareness, appreciation, and understanding of the classical arts of India by providing a supportive and inspiring platform for the its leading exponents, especially for those emerging and acclaimed artists destined to be tomorrowa€™s masters. BCKA was started with the intention of promotion of the classical art forms by a few individuals passionate about the arts.

Our most notable feature is a unique ability to create almost any ceiling shapes at the price that no one can beat! This accounting prowess enables you to significantly improve your operations and profitability, and reduce costs.
Having learnt dance at an early age, her passion for Kathakali and the other arts was the motivating factor for the formation of BKCA. A graduate of BITS Pilani, his expertise is in the field of technical reviews and travel stories. He is a Kathakali and Music aficionado, with a great passion for Carnatic vocal, instrumental music and other classical art forms.
She has learnt Carnatic music, classical dance, guitar and enjoys being associated with BCKA. In the midst of their professional lives, they devote some of their time to organise concerts and plays to raise funds for needy artistes. Her other passion is a€?Bridgea€™, she has won several prizes in India and abroad at bridge tournaments. He is also a diamond graduate whose interests includes the study of precious stones, fine art, travel, cuisine and music.
Promotes artists in the field of dance, teleserials, ad films, print media, fashion shows & feature films.
Stretch ceilings will never crack, chip, never have to be painted, its waterproof, has antifungal and antibacterial properties. He also helps organisations running old age homes, leprosy rehabilitation centres, promotion of eye donation for the cornea blind.

It lets you plan your business with certainty and take decisions regarding reorder levels, discounts, stock ageing, etc. She won the Kerala State Award for the best documentary 2010 for a€?Making of a Maestroa€™ based on the life of Living Legend Padmashri Kalamandalam Gopi . Furthermore, any image can be printed on the ceiling and for the first time, we offer stretch ceilings with Swarovski elements! She also received the Shree Ratna award for Global excellence from HH the Princess of Travancore, Gauri Lakshmibai on behalf of Kerala Kalakendram Trivandrum. We have vastly experienced installers that can fix any lighting system and provide after sale care.
We work with the materials of the leading European producers: Renolit (Germany), Pongs (Germany) Clipso (Switzerland), Polyplast (Belgium). Seamlessly integrated modules of Accounting, Inventory and Manufacturing help you strike a balance between sales, finance and your customers. Do much more with Tally.ERP 9, to experience an efficient and integrated Payroll for your business.

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