In the desert landscape of Dubai, Al Nisr Publishing LLC has commissioned one of the most modern printing centres. Foil-wrapped packs weigh in at two kilogramsIn the Dubai Investment Park production centre, Al Nisr Publishing LLC is pointing the way in state-of-the-art newspaper production.
Dependable engineering plus an open concept are the key reasons for the collaboration with Ferag. On the six PolyStream lines, further supplements are added to the newspapers inline before they are packaged ? In addition to six JetFeeder hoppers, two Highclass feeders are hooked up to the gathering line.

In split mode, these secure the infeed of print products up to 15mm thick to the gathering system. During the gathering process, Integrated Repair Control makes for almost zero-error quality.610 storage spacesMultiDisc technology creates the interface between the printing machine and the inserting process.
With a mixed configuration of one DiscPool battery and one MultiDisc winding station per line, when it comes to material logistics the customer achieves a high degree of flexibility. Performance differences between the printing machine and the inserting process are subject to dynamic compensation through the MultiDisc short-term buffer. For long-term intermediate storage of the MultiDisc units, the flow of material is supported by automatic storage comprising 610 spaces.Good reasons for Ferag engineeringAt Al Nisr Publishing LLC, the management team points to the open, integration-ready concept and dependable technology as central reasons for working with Ferag.

The options for extending the installation have already been taken up, and the system has been upgraded by a StreamStich stitching component and an SNT-50 trimming drum.

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