Having said that, once I’d worked out the characters and what was important to them, the process of completing the stories was quite natural. Subscribe to our newsletter:Our newsletter will include author profiles, details of new releases, book updates and book reviews. Forced to visit her recluse grandmother, Kate comes face to face with her mysterious heritage when she meets James. Finally ready to take this elven heritage thing seriously, Kate storms into the creepy forest determined to find her shadow – her spirit guide – and get some answers. Instead, she pisses off Grandma and pays for it by spending hours staring into a fire, waiting for the magical vision quest to kick in. When her grandmother finally agrees to tell Kate about her elven heritage (to prevent further life-suckingness), nothing could prepare her for the truth. One that may go all the way back to the creation of the forest, and just possibly, their souls.
Of course, no one mentioned the small detail about a very attractive James and his mom tagging along.
Ever since Kate learned about her elven heritage, her life shifted from sort of normal to sort of dangerous. All her life, Lori dreamed of being an Artist, one of the Gifted who create powerful painting-spells. Lori dreams of one day becoming an Artist, to use her Gift to heal the land, to work the spells no other Artist can. While Lori may be praised by her instructors, she realizes she will never fit in, never belong. When her cousin comes to visit, Lori must make a choice: her dreams or being true to herself.
Lori dreams of the day she’ll be accepted as a real Apprentice, to use her Gift to heal the land and its people.
But when they pass a village in desperate need of help, Lori must chose between following her heart or staying in line and behaving like a good Apprentice.
You’ve heard of the Nine Prophecies, the swash-buckling adventures and glories of the Nine Chosen Ones?
With no escape route in sight, Annabelle must rely on her flimsy magic and the kid who just tried to kill her. Impatient with Annabelle and her lack of awesome Chosen One powers – or any powers for that matter – the Sorcerer-Lord Marcen forces Annabelle to steal magic from an enslaved unicorn. The minute Jenny, the newest transfer student at Sunny View High, steps onto the field for softball try-outs she finds trouble – trouble Jenny hoped would mean the end of her softball career. Every team has its sweet girl, its hot girl, and the big girl who crushes the ball out of the park.
Years of softball pitching lessons, batting practice, and taking-out catchers brought Elizabeth to this moment: packing for her first, all expenses paid college visit.
While her dad might be okay with her going to school across the country, her boyfriend has other ideas. If Elizabeth wants happiness she’ll need to look within herself, and just maybe, get some help along the way. But when senior heart-throb, Chris, finds her crying after practice he becomes more than the guy who constantly teases her.
Heather must make a decision: either go on the safe, stable path which leads to a successful career, or find the courage to pursue her dream as a writer.
For freshman-player Sally, seeing her softball hero getting married and then batting as the lead-off hitter is a dream come true. Sent to hunt down fellow altar-server Ethan, she finds him in the choir loft with a half-empty bottle of wine, Scooby-Doo boxers, and an incredibly cute looking butt. Even if Sally survives the wedding (and Ethan watching her), she must also survive the game, somehow finding the courage to stand up. Alice and her mom made a deal: scheduled softball events means no boyfriend time, no sneaking out of the house, no going out.
Alice sticks to her part of the bargain (after all, being seventeen means too bad and live with it) and schedules a romantic, fireworks filled Fourth of July with her boyfriend.
Determined to get back at her mom, Alice flips off the college scouts, plays her worst game ever, and somehow attracts the attention of a rather cute guy in the stands.
But when Mandy learns Paul and his new girl plan on attending the softball Christmas party, Mandy refuses to go – at least until she walks head first into the new baseball catcher, a catcher who knocks Mandy off her feet. Stuck between being a supportive friend and a friend who provides some semblance of sense and reason, Madison wrangles Sam into her first prenatal appointment. When Karen accepts her new job as producer for an up-and-coming video game developer, she expects to work hard and prove herself to the all-male team.

But when a wealthy and famous romance writer decides to fund a romance video game, Ryan has no choice but to turn to someone who understands women. Lauren worked hard to distinguish herself as ‘one of the guys,’ not an easy task considering their video game company consisted mostly of young, twenty-something men. For Cheryl, up-and-coming video game artist, the opportunity of a lifetime drops in her lap: the chance to create concept art for their new romance video game.
When Eric, her co-artist, decides to use Cheryl as the model for the game’s heroine, drawing the perfect hero might be easier than she thought. No one wants to spend the holidays alone, and no matter how much Megan wishes otherwise, her low bank account means no holidays with family. Actually, she hangs up and instead accepts an invitation to spend Thanksgiving with a co-worker and his family – a family which also includes their very handsome, very single friend. While books may teach her a lot about life, they can’t teach her how to throw a baseball or what to do about falling in love.
When it comes to homecoming, no one remains safe from the talks of dresses, make-up, shoes, and who’s-going-with-who. Royally screwed and seriously running out of time, Jess turns to her best friend, Steven, who comes up with the perfect solution: his older brother. If Michelle wants a chance, she’ll need to man up, put a smile on, and be part of the team.
Waiting outside the parrot shop, knowing the loaded, disapproving looks awaiting her, Samantha stands there frozen until Tim steps out.
Until she meets sexy Jedi Knight Alex who, for whatever reason, doesn’t mind Brandy and her boring witch costume with her boring non-pink broomstick. But when Cass accidentally runs into another bathroom-diving prom goer, literally falling on top of him, she realizes more than the prom-fates might be at work here.
It may be that the sociable and gregarious nature of the short story leads to an instability of meaning and interpretation, for which the short story plays a perfect role, but this is not to be the focus of this article, except to underline that it allows for a dialogue with other short stories.
To what extent was it a conscious decision to present such dark interpretations about relationships? Yes, some of the relationships presented in the book are far from ordinary, but I do think that personal development and reactions to obstacles are the things that make or break relationships in the long term. Once I got into the flow of each story it was very enjoyable to get everything down on paper and decide how everything was going to pan out.
Try adding sensitive hearing, slightly pointed ears, and unusually fast reflexes and you get Kate Silver.
Yes, she wants answers but when she meets her father for the first time, a magi with his own agenda, Kate hesitates. Or more specifically, for the connection she and James share, a connection spanning centuries. First the scary forest had it in for her, then her dad tried the whole kidnapping thing, and now she meets a slightly crazed elf who wants to help her.
No one believed she had the Gift and she proved them wrong. But even as an Apprentice, she must still prove her worth for everyone sneers at Lori from the arctic, Savon lands and wants nothing to do with her. But the Order doesn’t want someone like her, someone with her heritage, whose very presence reminds them of their centuries-long enemies. On her own, with no hope of escape and no hope of a rescue, Annabelle must decide to sacrifice herself or the unicorn. Lacey worked hard to build this reputation, but now in her senior year and with her teammates buzzing about prom, Lacey finds herself alone. The same Tom who never said a word in four years, the Tom who spends his weekends playing Dungeons & Dragons, the same Tom, who for whatever reason, refuses to leave her alone. A guy, for whatever reason, wants to see Alice smile and show her the fireworks she longs for. Getting dumped weeks before Christmas – and the day after Mandy wrapped Paul’s locker – sucks more. But she’d done it, even earned her place on the company soccer team, all to have it crash down when her boss hands her a stack of romance novels. But when her mother pushes Megan to call every blood relative in the state, Megan puts her foot down. Emma lives for her books and wants nothing more than to graduate high school and find a job as a librarian. Watching perfect, silky, smooth-haired Sarah fawn over her newly wrapped locker, a locker right above Abby. And how can she focus when he keeps smiling at her – her and every cute client who walks in? She listened to advice, did her research, spent time with the gorgeous blue and gold macaw named Timothy, but when she finally packed Timothy up and brought him home, well, Timothy didn’t care too much for following rules.

In comparing a short story written by two writers during the Franco-Algerian War, arguably on either side of the national divide, we might expect to find rigid ideas and clear demarcation lines.
While they are love stories, looking back at them they are fairly selfish, in that the protagonists’ ego is very much the centre stage rather than the fight for a particular love, as is traditional. My own imagination does usually turn towards the macabre, largely because that’s what I find interesting.
I guess with stories like Silent, Matrimony, and Perfection in particular, I was kind of challenging that. I changed quite a few things from my initial ideas – the main character within Tonight in particular.
I think Jeremy Dyson’s take on short stories was an inspiration for Love Bites, particularly Never Trust a Rabbit. She doesn’t expect an ancient, talking ash tree named Yig or a creepy shadow following her. She tries anyway and when the Apprentices leave for their first field assignment, she has the chance to prove her worth.
Not when the Sorcerer-Lords have invested interested in kicking Annabelle out and putting one of their own kids in her place. A Santa who needs Cass to send him to the next life…if she remains conscious long enough to help. Determined not to let her jerk ex ruin a good Christmas, Mandy keeps her head high and ignores his accusations about her having more balls than him.
But her dad made sure any reasonable Date Day was also a Game Day or a Practice Day or a Pitching Lesson Day. Not when she practically jumps Sam with celebratory hugs, good cheers, and not a hint of hysteria in sight – which considering the whole softball scholarship on the line and dropping out of college, usually requires some hysterics. But when Emma spots senior star baseball player Andrew in the library, the one place no jock would ever be caught dead in, she gets a hard and fast lesson in life.
Not when her mother insists she’ll be attending even this means calling every neighbor in a 50 mile radius to foist a date onto Jess.
Themes such as BDSM, prostitution, petty theft, and adultery just provide means for the self-exploration or the realisation that they are not the person they thought they would be. I think a lot of the characters are away from the general mainstream, whether it’s because of their sexual habits, occupations, or a general decision to reject what they have been told is normal. I just love the way that he treats them and opens up extraordinary little worlds within each narrative. Except if she wants to prove her worthiness and accept her heritage, she might not have any choice but to trust him. They’re also none too pleased the stars picked dog-cleaning attendant Annabelle as the next Chosen One.
Gran goes inside, does her psychic thing while Cass does her thing by staying away from the ghost. Not when Jason steps in and prevents a fight between Jenny and his sister, the star pitcher and ultimate heavy hitter. But when homeroom hotty Nick begins paying attention to Abby and not Sarah, including holding her treasured, “Lord of the Rings,” book hostage, Sarah throws no-one Abby into center stage of high school gossip. To her surprise, Tim knows a little something about birds…and what it means to be part of the flock.
But when her two friends decide on a matching witch routine, Brandy and costume remain stuck as the third witch at this party, and the witch that seems to match the upholstery. While this can be disorientating for readers since many of the themes are things they will not have dealt with themselves, I prefer to add slightly extraordinary (but largely believable) elements to the stories so that they have a slightly different perspective.
I also drew some inspiration from Mud by Michele Roberts, which was closer to the subject matter within Love Bites, and I really liked the way that all of the stories were unified by a single, unexpected theme. But if Kate wants to protect herself from being kidnapped by her magi dad and learn the truth about her heritage, she has no choice but to trample through Alfeim Forest with no trail, no map, no GPS.
But if she wants her date, she’ll have to trick her dad and drag poor Mark into her crazy softball life. If she stops it means failure, means she’ll give up the way Johnny had given up on her and her unborn baby.
Since I work in digital media, and short stories are closer to this form than any other kind of fiction, I think those writers had an impact on my work as well.

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