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Merge options Merging files into a single assembly would result in the least number of separate files to be processed at runtime. Why does Uncle Bob suggest that coding standards shouldn't be written down if you can avoid it? Also, double check the permissions on that directory and make sure your app pool user has the appropriate access to it, and that it inherits down. Notes: The current error page you are seeing can be replaced by a custom error page by modifying the "defaultRedirect" attribute of the application's configuration tag to point to a custom error page URL. The Build Action property indicates what Visual Studio does with a file when a build is executed.
What are the various "Build action" settings in Visual Studio project properties and what do they do? Make sure the contents of your Resources folder have the proper "Copy to Output Directory" property.
What are the various “Build action” settings in Visual Studio project properties and what do they do?
In hosting service database control panel I can get connection string to my MSSQL(I selected SQL Server 2012 database, but I can choose 2014 if it helps). I am not eligible to start bounty before 2 days from asking a question but if this helps I offer 500 reputation points for working connection string (I will award it when the bounty will be possible). After you publish your project, ftp to the server and pull the web.config file down and open it in a local text editor. It appears this error can occur for variety of reasons - as similar questions asked here and here have different solutions. Also, in attempt 3, the Connection string for destination database looks different to your other connection strings and is this tested? By not setting anything in Database section of the Settings tab in Publish Web tool - your database will not be deployed. But if you are planning to deploy your database separately for whatever reasons - then you need to apply transformations to your web.config to make it automatically change the connection string while publishing.

This is not exactly a fix but will allow you to test the connection string abstracted outside of all that code to validate that at least your connection string itself is or is not working. On the server using LinqPad, or technically you can create a test page in your app with a textbox for you to paste your connection string to test and then run it against the following code.
This is the minimal code needed, if you can make this work with your current connection string you know something else is going on, otherwise it gives you a fast way to poke at it until it works. As a part of a client portal project we had a requirement to load documents displayed in the portal from a SharePoint document library. That's why I decided to create a generic component which will take documents from a document library on SharePoint and publish them as a part of any website. As a first step, we need to obtain list of documents which are present in the document library.
We know how we can browse the document library, now let's how simple it is to actually download a document from SharePoint and let clients download it as if the document was placed directly on the web site.
Once the code is placed in Form_Load procedure of a page, user will be able to download or open (based on the file type) the document. In the previous sections I briefly explained the principle behind loading documents from SharePoint. The component contains two classes which correspond item types on SharePoint – Document and Folder.
If it's not default.aspx, or similar, you will need to add it as a default document in IIS.
To add it, click on your site in IIS7, and double click Default Document in the middle column. The current custom error settings for this application prevent the details of the application error from being viewed remotely (for security reasons). This property specifies the conditions under which the selected source file will be copied to the output directory. If you have not used a transform, the connection string will be pointing to the one you had in your local. Ensure that the Use this connection string at runtime (update destination web.config) is checked. This seems like quite an interesting idea, because you don't need to build any fancy Content Management System (CMS) into your site for people to upload content and documents; they will just use standard SharePoint user interface to save documents into document library and your portal will take the content from there.

Microsoft SharePoint provides several web service interfaces, but we are going to use just one of them called Lists Web Service. Now it is time to wrap this up into a reusable component so that it can be used in any project. Both classes inherit from common parent called SharepointItemBase, which provides basic functionality common for both item types (such as identifier, name, etc.). Otherwise, the HTML markup for pages and user controls is removed and compiled into the assembly output. When I right-click and hit publish website the site publishes correctly except that my resources folder gets left behind. The file is not included in the project output group and is not compiled in the build process. If I can supply any more information about the database or application please tell I will update post shortly. Why not repeat the same steps but deploy it to a location where you access the web.config and also check whether the db is deployed successfully? The deployment method that you are currently using is perfectly valid but if you are keen on finding why your first approach didn't work then you will have to redo the same steps and check the configs and db.
This service provides methods to work with lists and their data, which is all we need for our purpose. An example is a text file that contains documentation, such as a Readme file, that you do not want to publish to the web server. The cause for that error could be the connection string used by the web app at that time is incorrect or may be the db was not deployed. We will use the GetListItems method to retrieve documents (and subfolders) in the source document library. The "Content output group" is a list of files that Visual Studio will publish while also maintaining the same directory structure.

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