Use italics in place of underlining for independently published works (books, periodicals, etc). MLA now requires that all citations include documentation of the "medium" of the publication (Print, Web, Performance, Photograph, etc). In past versions of MLA you would cite a periodical differently if each issue started with page 1, from one where the page numbers continued issue to issue for an entire volume. When documenting web sources MLA now requires notation of the publisher or sponsor of the site. In MLA style the surname of the author and page number are inserted in the text at the appropriate point.
For a work with 2-3 authors, include the names in the text of your paper or in parentheses.

For works with more than four or more authors use the surname of the first author followed by "et al." and page. Portions of the information contained on this page was gathered from MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers.
Future Publishing has launched an e-commerce craft website, The Making Spot, bringing together content from the company’s craft portfolio such as Simply Knitting and Mollie Makes. As part of the launch strategy for the new flagship website, Future employed Community Editors Lyndsey Mayhew and Zoe Williams to engage with the online crafting community through social media such as blogs, Facebook, Twitter and crafting forums.
Kerry Lawrence, publisher of Future’s craft portfolio, said: “This is a first for Future as The Making Spot will be an e-commerce website, designed to enhance the customer experience, but also drive revenue in a new and exciting way. Stuart Anderton, group publishing director, added: “The Making Spot is another example of digital innovation from Future, with the craft portfolio leading the way.

They are very shy, and if scared will curl up in a ball with their head protected inside the ball---hence their name. Generally, the designator is the last element included in an entry, except for web resources which are followed by the date of access. If however the citation doesn't easily lead the reader to the source it is recommended to include a URL. Our readers are very loyal and we’ve designed this website to be an easy-to-use resource for all.

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