A few years back Apple made the dubious decision to remove iWeb from it’s iLife suite of creativity programs.
When you first launch the software you’re presented with a splash window that gives you the option to pick up on an existing project, start a new one, browse the library of add-ons (more on that later) and view online instructional videos. The entire process is pretty intuitive, the only annoying thing is that any references to online sources (YouTube videos for example) won’t display properly in the preview pane, which can only show local content. Although it didn’t have a couple of bugs for me, the publishing side of RapidWeaver works very well (in theory, anyway).
RealMac Software have gone to great lengths to provide written and video tutorials for RapidWeaver on their website. Although RapidWeaver comes with 47 themes built in, you’ll probably find yourself struggling to make your site original within a short while.
Thankfully, RealMac Software have allowed 3rd party developers to produce add-ons for RapidWeaver that can extend its functionality and allow you to add more content to your website.
That being said, the online catalogue does list some add-ons that would potentially be very useful. In truth, I don’t like this business model at all, I would much rather spend more on a package which includes all of these features right out of the box, rather than buy a relatively cheap product and then have to buy add ons in order to make it do the things that I want.
On the downside, I don’t care for the limited features and themes that come with the product out of the box, or the limited video support that could find you signing up for a support contract in order to find out exactly what you need to do.
On the whole, RapidWeaver 5 is an excellent tool for beginners and hobbyists, and more than fills the hole left by Apple when they removed iWeb from their arsenal. Howdy!This site is run by me, Matt, with a few contributions from others in the IT industry.

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