You can publish your website with any version of FrontPage, however these instructions and screenshots were done using FrontPage 2003. Click on the "Publishing" tab and make your choices: "Changed Pages Only" - the usual choice unless you are publishing the entire site for some reason. If you only want to publish a couple of pages, you could highlight the files and click the arrow located between the two windows and only those files would be published. Step 7 - Once you site has completed publishing, you will receive a notice in the lower left corner of the window. If you have a Firewall installed, did you give FrontPage the permissions it needs to publish?

FrontPage 2003 is a Web design application that lets you publish content to your shared hosting website.
Select Use Passive FTP if you use a DSL connection or are publishing from behind a firewall. For as little as $3.89 per month you can build your Website online with Website Builder using our easy to use professional templates.
What you enter in the remote website location field will depend on which of the RootsWeb servers you will be publishing to. My normal choice is to click Publish Web Site button and let FrontPage publish all the changes.

You would choose this if for some reason you lost or damaged you local copy of your website.

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