If you have used your iWeb space for other portfolios or projects in the past and wish to keep them, you have a few options in publishing your new portfolio.
If you want your other projects to be the primary page for your iWeb address, you will need to put your teaching portfolio into a separate folder. Save in Keychain: (Checking this box will store your password so you do not have to type it in each time. Artifacts showcase or represent your understanding of the INTASC principles in a real-life manner. This book is a step-by-step tutorial that includes all the project files and complete source code for all of the webpages created. IF YOU SUSPECT YOU HAVE A HARDWARE PROBLEM, TRY OTHER CHANNELS (Pantip Plaza, iStudio, etc.). I recently wrote some notes about Mavericks, or Mac OS 10.9, to try and distill my feelings about it.
Now that I think of it, Mail in Mavericks also seemed to connect to my servers more dependably than in Mt.
It's also nice that it can run on about any Mac from 2008 or newer that has at least 2GB of memory.
I use Labels, which lets you apply a color to a file to remind yourself it's important (or whatever). Up until the new 10.9, choosing Find from the File menu would bring up a window with a search field. They also changed the keyboard shortcut for opening a folder in a new window, or opening a folder and closing the parent window.
Whereas Preview seemed to handle all PDF documents by default in previous systems, now Adobe Acrobat has taken over as default PDF plugin in Safari. Despite the welcome bug fix in Mail, I was frustrated to discover the Rules I had created stopped working in 10.9. I use Calendar to keep track of appointments, etc., and often set alerts a few hours (or days), before the scheduled event to remind me. And you may have seen my angry reaction when Google forced all content providers on their video sharing property (YouTube), to join their social network (Google Plus), or have certain key features of their YouTube channel removed.
I have no doubt that their fine print states they will not inspect your contacts or calendar once they are on their servers.
Though I can't remember the last time I actually removed a new OS after installing it, I've done so with Mavericks. Have you ever been trying to do something on a website and get the message, "Sorry, you are not allowed to access this from your country," (meaning Thailand)? I got an email the other day from someone who's iMac would no longer boot (start up); only hanging with a grey screen.
I dropped by at her request to try a couple of things to see if I could get her Mac to boot up.
Well, I don't hate it, but it's just the latest example of Apple needing to rewrite a piece of software with the result that it barely resembles it's former self. You cannot boot up your Mac from your TM backup drive, which is something you will definitely want to do if your internal hard drive fails and you need to use your Mac. The third element of my backup strategy may not be obvious to many people, but it's just as important.
In my case, the thing I really wanted to back up offsite was the guitar lesson videos I've spent so many hours to produce. I'm not a professional designer, so I had to do a lot of experimentation to get a look I liked. To be brief, I'm not thrilled with Apple's new direction with Lion (and Mountain Lion is basically just a refinement of it).
Well, I don't think too many of us are crazy about new operating systems any more--we just want to use our computers and wish we didn't have to keep changing things every year and a half or so. But back to the question at hand: If you're currently running an older version of the Mac OS, should you upgrade?
Various web pages have the solution, but one good one is right in Apple's own discussions forum. Mainly, people who are either not so good at figuring out computer problems on their own or, because of lack of interest or time, would rather have someone else figure it out for them. You can take your Mac, iPad, etc., to one of the iStudio shops in Bangkok (or maybe they will even send someone to you?), for probably less than I will charge. After a few years learning from others, I started to help those who knew even less than I did. I moved to Berkeley, California in 1999 and set up my business, Mac And More, helping individuals and businesses in the San Francisco area. If you use a piece of software fairly often and benefit from it, then, if you have the means, I think you should buy it. First I'll have to find out the model and configuration (processor, memory, hard drive) of your Mac. I have an older Mac, but I'm hoping I can upgrade it somehow (put in the latest operating system or programs), so I can get a few more years out of it before buying a new machine. We can take a look at your current machine, what error messages are coming up, and what you're hoping to do.
Way back when I was learning page layout with PageMaker (now Adobe InDesign), on my Mac Classic!
This is basically the Agreement I created when I had my Mac business in Berkeley, California. All software data that exists on Client’s computer, including, but not limited to, system and application programs and supporting files, word processing and spread sheet files, email messages and address books, picture and sound files, etc. Client shall have no recourse for unintentional or inadvertent loss of any data that may occur during or after the consultation that may be thought to have occurred as a result of Consultant’s actions. Consultant will endeavor to retain, if not improve on, all functionality of Client’s computer system. All information and data stored on Client’s computer or to which Consultant is otherwise exposed during the course of the Work shall be held strictly confidential. 6) Any reimbursement which might occur from Consultant to Client is strictly limited to the amount of the consultation in question.
Search our documentation platform for answers, service specifications and 3rd-party integrations. Note: If you are a Wix user and want to know how to publish your web form or survey, follow our 123 Form Builder guide to learn more about the app and how to use it. Use 123ContactForm to build professional web forms & surveys and publish them wherever you want on the Web by selecting one of our vast publishing options.
The Publish section allows you to customize, preview and choose your preferred publishing type. Or you can publish your form by sharing its URL, embedding it on your website, using a lightbox or with domain aliasing. Our online forms are compatible with all website builders that allow customized scripts, such as HTML and JavaScript. Hello i created a form with your site and i have been trying to edit the powered part below my form, that also as a (Report abuse ,Powered by ) how can i take it off please advise. I would like to use my form as an onsite tool to gather information as participants arrive. To use your form as an onsite tool, may we recommend you use its JavaScript code from the Publish → Embed Code section.
So I have to upgrade to publish my appointment form to my website unless I want it as a link?
I use to be able to hit publish and I’d see the form update automatically on my website without me having to enter codes, etc and without having to upgrade. All publishing options within the Publish section of your form are available for the Basic plan, with the exception of domain aliasing and secured SSL, which are for Platinum and Diamond.
Hi we would like to embed an order form in the content of an email including paypal options in the form.
Our second query relating to this is, if someone were to place an order and pays for it in paypal is the completed order form sent to our designated email address? Regarding your second question, you may enable the option Notify me only when the payment has been processed in the Settings → Payments section.

Our online forms can be embedded on any webpage that supports Inline HTML, IFrame or JavaScript.
I grouped my observations into the following categories: Improvements, OK, Don't Care, Sucks, Sucks Hard and Deal Breaker. One exception was Little Snitch (an app that monitors incoming and outgoing internet activity; it cost me $42 to get the compatible version). And I had one client who needed to buy the latest version of Amadeus (sound editing software). In Mavericks, Labels have been subsumed into the Tags feature, and whatever color you choose is now just a small dot over to the side somewhere so you don't see it unless you look closely.
In Mavericks, if you had an active Finder window, it now becomes a search window (the window you had open is gone, unless you hit the back button).
And, being Adobe, they have to pester you every time, asking, "Do you want to trust PDF content from this website?" Why wouldn't I? I'd made Rules in Mail Preferences to automatically move certain kinds of messages to folders I'd created.
After installing Mavericks, when I connected my iPhone to let it sync my Contacts and Calendar, I noticed it failed to do so. As unbelievable as it seemed, Apple was no longer satisfied to merely plead with users to use iCloud. But besides simply not wanting to use iCloud (and not even wanting to turn on web access on my phone), I also think it's likely their fine print stipulates they "may run data mining apps on the data collected to find what domains or Zip codes, etc. Off the top of my head, I'll bet Linux and a few other Unix-based systems (Mac OS is Unix based), would install easily on Mac (or other) hardware, and I'll also bet they still retain the Open Source values they were founded on.
Hard disks would get fragmented after a while, which means the data would start to get written in little sections all over the disk, instead of all in one spot. I've run into this mostly on financial sites, but also on other geo-restricted sites like Spotify music service. Yesterday and the day before I got to help a guy learn to use his iPhone 4S, so we spent some time working with Siri.
Suffice to say, after installing the recent iTunes 11, I scrambled to try to reset the choices in the View menu, etc., to make it look, as much as possible, like it did before.
Well, there's no need if you're a hundred percent sure there's nothing you care about in your computer. Luckily, there are a few apps out there that will 'clone' the contents of your hard drive such that you *can* boot from it.
As you may know, Apple's iCloud lets you automatically copy your photos, music, movies, email, contacts and calendar data amongst your various Apple devices, which is real convenient. Like with many major system upgrades in the past, I wheezed and whined about having to get used to the changes that had been made, but finally learned to live with it.
My Mac habits are long ingrained, so I just turn off or ignore most of the new features of the new OS, for example, Mission Control, Launch Pad, Notifications, etc. I started by borrowing much of the layout I used in my guitar site, then changed a few things.
Essentially, what Apple is doing is redesigning the look and feel of the Mac interface to be more like the iPad.
But as long as the hardware and Internet continue to evolve, programmers will keep coming up with operating systems to take advantage of the new realities.
Or, if you're like me and just want to stay on top of the latest technology (in my case, because it's my job). For most people I think they should hold off the move to a new operating system for 6 months or more, since early versions always have little bugs that are fixed in the incremental upgrades that subsequently come out. If you suspect you have a hardware problem, please try iStudio, Pantip Plaza or some other business.
The advantage of using me is that I have about 15 years experience helping people with Macs and, because I have a degree in English, am very good at explaining technical issues in a way you can understand. I also provided IT support for a grant-giving foundation, so got to learn about servers, databases, etc.
I want to share what I have learned with you, so you can avoid as much frustration as possible. A computer hard disk is a magnetic storage medium, much like an audio cassette tape (remember those?). However, if you just want to try something out or will use it only a few times, then I personally don't see anything wrong with installing it. Can you help me get a better understanding of how my machine works without 'leaving me in the dust' with technical rapid fire technical explanations?
Users need to be interested in how their machines work in order for them to help you do things you want to do. Since Apple no longer makes that many models, finding the one that fits your needs won't take long. Consultant is hired by Client on an hourly basis for his knowledge and experience in dealing with a variety of computer issues. However, Consultant will not be liable for any loss of functionality that may occur during or after the consultation that may be thought to have occurred as a result of Consultant’s actions. You may post a simple text or image link, copy the link and send it to others by email, embed the form in your page or show it as a fancy lightbox. Upgraded users have access to secured SSL connection and domain aliasing (that can be seen only when the form is opened in a new tab of your browser).
The last option may be used to pop up the form in a lightbox after a period of time has passed while the web page is opened.
Unfortunately, the backlink cannot be removed on free accounts, as it violates our terms of service. It appears it would need some investigation from our support representatives and any additional information would help us. What is a credit and why don’t you put that notification to pay more up first before letting us input all the information.
Have you tried embedding your appointment form on your website with one of the embed options? Regarding your first question, it’s impossible to embed an order form in the content of an email. I dont understand much here, i see people asking you that they cant use the form on their own domain?
These options are available on all plans, including the Basic plan, as seen in our features matrix. This is important because publishing could cause RapidWeaver to freeze, losing all of your unsaved changes. Most tutorials will have an optional exercise for the more advanced users to take things to the next level. So, I opened iTunes while the phone was connected to check under the Info tab that it was still set to automatically sync. Just as Google had forced their social network on their partners, Apple hobbled its own software in order to force users onto iCloud. There's still a lot I like about my Mac, and I currently have no viable option to the apps I depend on to make my guitar videos (for example).
With no moving parts, SSD drives are super fast, light and almost unbreakable (all MacBooks now come with flash drives).
It was acting like some low-level circuitry or chips were damaged, as it could not even boot from an external drive or system DVD disk.
But first, he wanted to make sure the current data on the machines was completely erased--in the sense of being absolutely irretrievable. We realized this is probably a good thing; you might inadvertently have Siri delete some things you actually wanted to keep. But, it appears some of the new interface choices have permanently nuked some of the old ways of doing things. It puts a folder on your hard drive and whatever you drag to that folder gets backed up to a hard disk in the cloud.
I ended up getting a Seagate 500GB drive at Fortune Town IT Mall by Phra Ram 9 for around B2100. So, since I'd just reinstalled a clean system on my new drive, I decided to go all the way and install 10.8 "Mountain Lion," as well.

I've just come off working as IT support for a company south of town for about 8 months, so feel my Mac skills are a bit better than they were. A bit frivolous maybe, but I put 'roll overs' on most of the apps I use to give a brief explanation. With the overwhelming success of that new device, they must figure that an iPad user may walk into an Apple store and notice that the Mac's interface is a lot like the iPad's, so they wouldn't have to learn much if they bought one. In order to not get left behind, we eventually have to bite the bullet and dance to their tune. After a year or two, you'll start to hear about things that people are now able to do with their computers that you can't, because your OS is out of date.
Again, helping lots of individuals with all kind of needs, but also a few businesses, from travel agencies to art dealers to frozen food companies. If you've had an Apple for a while but think you could be using it more effectively, then I can probably help you, as well.(However, if you're using your Mac for 3-D animation, or designing websites for Fortune 500 companies, then instead of me teaching you, you can probably teach me! I do not call myself a Windows expert, but I can handle many of the same issues on a Windows computer that come up on Macs. Most of the people I've helped have been impressed with my patience and clear explanations. In some cases a machine that is, say, more than 5 years old can not support many of the newer programs and technologies that have come out since it was new. But, in many cases I will talk you through something, so you can improve your knowledge and skill. While Consultant will endeavor to keep all of Client’s data intact on the computer, Consultant will not be held liable for any loss of data which may occur during the contracted consultation or which may be thought to have occurred as a result of the contracted consultation.
For example, the publishing option you have used and the way you have set up your form in the Notifications section.
Credits are charged as for any mobile telecommunication service, depending on the country where the SMS is sent. That’s because the form is not only exclusively HTML-built and many email services reject scripts for security reasons. You may also send an email to your customers that they will receive after they have paid their order.
I cant imagine the people like myself who use dreamweaver ever skilled enough to use this program, especially when it gets so confusing at the point of redirecting to a page on my domain and the terminology used is not for the unskilled.
We also have a number of documentations on how to publish your 123ContactForm online forms on different platforms, such as Dreamweaver.
They will get back to you as soon as possible and give you all the necessary information and assistance that you need.
If you are a novice wanting to build your first website or an experienced user looking for a better way to develop your existing websites, then this book is for you. These kids have no appreciation for the history or functionality of the app; they just want to give it this year's color scheme and otherwise change it for the sake of it. Then I realized it's cheaper to hang out here and work on my guitar videos (my main passion), than in the states.
Again, Time Machine, which has been included with all Macs since 2008, is the easiest app to use to back up your data.
Then she mentioned that she had experienced some static electricity shocks from the machine and that the electrical system in her apartment was very flakey. It turns out the Disk Utility app has different settings for different levels of security when erasing a disk. We also got some messages from Siri to the effect that certain kinds of searches would not work outside of the U.S. If you accidentally delete an important file, no problem; you open the TM app, click the 'go back in time' arrow until you see it, then click Restore.
CCC's interface is simple and it allows you to create a Scheduled Task, so it automatically copies new or changed files to an external drive every day (or however often you tell it).
And there may be ways to get it to back up other kinds of documents generated by non-Apple programs (like Microsoft Word, for example), but I'd have to research that. All offer a few gigabytes of storage for free, with the option to buy more space if you need it.
I also picked up an external case to put the drive in so I could copy the contents of my old drive to it before opening up the computer. Click the Links menu to see the site I created for them (Global Menu Solutions), plus the guitar lesson site I built last year, Dave's Guitar Planet.
Luckily for us, though, some ingenious folks out on the Internet had found a way to have your Snow Leopard and eat it too (sorry).
However, if you suspect your Mac is running slower, there are some things we can do to try and fix that. Internet technologies, in particular, evolve so quickly that tech gear needs to be updated fairly regularly to take advantage of them. It's up to you if you back up your data or not, but if you want me to work on your computer (or iPad, etc.), I really recommend it. Though I will certainly try in a systematic way, I certainly cannot promise I will be able to resolve any or all of your computer issues. In other words, you are charged differently if you are located in one country or another (as the one who receives the SMS notification).
Just hover over the JavaScript code from the Publish → Embed Code subsection and copy the selected code.
For domain aliasing, you’ll need to upgrade to Platinum or higher to enable this option. So, even though it was a hassle and took a couple days to revert, I made the time to do it.
So, I suspect that one or both of these things eventually fried a chip or two on the mother board. This client opted for the highest level, which writes seven passes of random data on the disk.
Still, it was fun playing with Siri and it's amazing to see how far speech recognition software has come.
So, if your internal drives becomes toast, you just plug in your Cloned drive, hold the Option key on startup and you're in business. Since the original drive was 250GB, I now have twice the space, which is helpful as the videos I make with iMovie take up considerable space. If you want to administrate registrations with two or more people, you’ll need to create a subaccount for each person. It's also great for advanced users who use applications like Dreamweaver and are looking for a simpler way to develop websites without sacrificing the ability to get into the code. We ended up having to back everything up, erase the internal drive, and reinstall everything. Time Machine should automatically launch and ask you a couple of questions to set itself up.
I assured her that it was very unlikely the hard drive was damaged, but she'd need to take it to a shop (like iStudio in Paragon), that deals with Mac hardware and have them remove the drive, then copy the data to an external drive they would sell her.
You can also copy everything on the TM backup drive to a new drive should your internal drive fail. However, the third machine had a 2 terabyte drive which, even after running all night, still needed another fourteen hours to finish. With Platinum you can create up to 4 subaccounts (5 with the main account) and 19 with Diamond. But if you know a little web programming then you will be able to take your websites to the next level. A subaccount implies a separate email address and password that will be used to log into the 123ContactForm account.

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