Encompass Graphics also offer a complete digital design and packaging service for books and other printed products. 20 years experience in the publishing industry has helped us develop skills from initial project design and management, through to a comprehensive knowledge of reprographic and print production processes for the co-edition industry. Entre-Authors will struggle to find balance with time demands, will see the value of focus, and will publish shorter e-works as a way to make a consistent living. Is your online platform ready for 2012? Author Media can build your author website. Ask us how.
Either following a publishers brief or developing original ideas and designs, we have the experience to create high quality, print ready PDF’s on time and on budget.

With a thorough knowledge of the DTP software needed and a team of editors, picture researchers and designers in place, a full packaging service is available at very competitive rates. Authors who simply view traditional publishing as the only way to publish, if they have large platforms already, will continue to sell, but may seem some decline in sales.
We did not let them see each others predictions so pay attention to the duplicate predictions. And authors who look at their careers as entrepreneurs (Entre-Authors) will thrive in this changing, dynamic publishing paradigm.
Those that do well will learn the art of selling without being creepy or making money an idol to worship.

Their author website will become even more important as readers will consume and interact more electronically. In order to succeed, writers will need to know the differences between published and unpublished authors.

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