Studying in a school where there are hardly any cute guys, or the ones that are actually cute are already committed to someone, you are left with no option but to fish for dateable guys at other places. You can meet some really great guys at a shop, cafe, bookstore, or even going out with your parents and their friends more often. Sign up for a music class, start visiting a sports club, sign up for volunteer work in your community, etc.
Hanging out regularly with those girls will get you noticed by the guys who go to their school. There is a good chance that you will run into guys and more importantly cute guys over there.

All these things will greatly increase your chances of coming across new guys who do not go to the same school as you. Some of your girlfriends may have guy friends that may eventually become interested in spending time with you.
Just meet sure you get yourself noticed by wearing good clothes, being natural and friendly while interacting with the guys from their school. If you see a cute guy looking at some item, casually get near that area and suggest a better product to him. If you see a cute guy holding a book that you have already read in a bookstore, casually walk to where he is standing and comment on how great the book is.

Communicating with guys is an effectively way of getting yourself noticed and getting them interested in you.

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