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If you hover your mouse over the branch, you can see the URL for the source of the merge request.
If you're satisfied that the changes made work properly and want to keep the changes from the pull request, you can merge them into a branch.
The changes have now been pushed to the origin repository and the pull request has been accepted automatically by Bitbucket. Suppose you find the pull request is largely okay, however it's missing some small things.
Everything is almost correct, but we need to make some minor changes before accepting the merge request.

The merge request will now automatically be accepted and our additional commit will also be pushed to the main repository.
Tessa Diamondly - Pull & Bear Tartan Oversized Coat, Romwe Cut Out Dress, Ash Footwear Studded Boots - In the land of gods and monsters I was an angel. Somebody opened a pull request from a fork of one of my projects and I simply wanted to test that change before I merged it. Maybe the developer who forked didn't update the documentation to reflect the changes he made? Now perhaps we want to run some tests on the new changes before accepting and merging the pull request.
Such a hypothetical situation would of course never happen in real life, but let's suppose it does!

In this case we'll use the branch name, which is bugfix, as you can infer from the URL above. So while you can get far with git by just copying random (and again, wrong more often than not) commands from Stack Overflow, there comes a time where you actually have to learn how it works.
If you do a new fetch (that includes git pull and various other commands), the FETCH_HEAD could have changed.

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