Athletes are forced to critically analyze their true strengths and weaknesses in all realms with brutal self-awareness.
A good coach holds the athlete accountable and guides the journey, but success can only be determined through how whole-heartedly an individual is willing to shoulder the responsibility of doing what needs to be done. Physical characteristics are much more obviously measurable than those less tangible, but ultimately every contributing factor to progress is a manifestation of the mind that can be trained and adapted. There will always be unknowns; however, having the will to frame experience from both success and failure in a positive light allows an athlete to throttle the arousal and nervous energy that comes with attempting to be better than ever before to a productive end. Nick, I saw you on youtube up on the podium during an award ceremony lifting somebody off the ground by their wrist. I won 3rd place at the 2015 American Record Makers meet at the LA Fit Expo… Got beat by an Olympian and a top 10 US lifter and won money for the first time. Starting the first wrap to cover your thread where you tied in the biot tails, wrap the wire up the body, pull back the biot ends and continue wrapping in front of the biots to hold them back. Waspi Antron #2 kit has a great march brown color that I think sets this off and highlights the case and legs on the thorax. Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

LONDON (Reuters) - American five-times Wimbledon women's doubles champion Serena and Venus Williams pulled out of this year's tournament on Tuesday, the All England Club said in a statement.
Leading gymnasts Lauren Mitchell and Larrissa Miller have produced strong national titles performances as they look to secure Rio Olympic berths. Three players have been charged following the St George Illawarra-North Queensland NRL game, but all can escape suspension.
The Volleyroos have bounced back from an opening loss to Iran by beating Venezuela 3-1 at the Olympic volleyball qualifying event in Tokyo. Carlton have improved to an improbable 5-5 record after Sunday's massive upset win over Geelong.
Position, strength, skill, and confidence are cornerstones of the process that can be addressed adequately only through a process of continual reflection. For better or worse facing weakness while embracing and enhancing strengths is the only vehicle by which growth is pioneered. Life is chaotic, but pursuing a central goal provides depth and focus through all circumstance. Its got some tricks that you can use on other flys as well, specifically the biots and again my split case processes.

The best coach’s eye and programming in the world cannot help those without consistent personal discipline.
Each must be internalized with proper perspective to avoid falling prey to the only absolute way to ensure achieving a goal will never happen: to yield. Simply stated: every athlete has an innate responsibility to take an active role in shaping his or her own destiny.
Disciplined athletes continually make the effort to revolve around variables within their control while facing the the deep, dark fears that can be dredged up with along with uncertainty.
No matter how impossible progress can seem at times the mind can overcome any circumstance when an athlete continues to make the choice to be relentless.

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