The Quiznos Sub Challenge is a great way to exercise am entry-level worker on real-life scenarios based situations that they may have to answer on the day to day basis. A family with hungry kids walks in during lucnh and wants to know what is on the kids menu. A customer asks if he could order one large sub and have it cut in-half to make two small subs.
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Pardon our crumbs: Ottawa Delivers isn't quite full yet, but we do have great coverage of Kanata, Barrhaven and Nepean. Write a short presentation of your blog or website in the sidebar.php template file, or replace the sidebars with widgets for full flexibility. You will be asked common questions asked by guest and as a Quiznos expert you will answer them to the best of your expertise.
The commercial starts with a woman and then two men asking why Subway does not have a prime rib sandwich.

Filled, topped and seasoned with chicken, bacon, cheddar, red onion, mild Chipotle Mayo, sweet and smoky Baja Sauce and fresh cilantro - sounds like heaven in a bun to me.

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