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And yet, fast food consumption continues to skyrocket, with 1 in 4 Americans consuming some type of fast food every day. It is extremely hard to stop consuming fast food once you regularly start eating it.This is by design. Food manufacturers and the big fast food chains use a specialized technique called a€?the bliss pointa€? to make their food irresistible — literally.
Check out my piece on why not all fats make you fat, to understand the key differences between eating a low-quality hamburger from a fast food restaurant, and making a grass-fed one, yourself.If you are looking for ingredient lists for these items, good luck.
The fast food companies know what they are doing, and purposely obfuscate their ingredient lists.

But be prepared to stare at an ingredient list that is 40-60 items long (like this one for KFC’s Pot Pie). And the real kicker here is the amount of saturated fat, with almost 200 percent of the daily value met.To put that in perspective, you would have to eat 74 wings from KFC to consume the same level of saturated fat.
And if this Wendy’s patty were grass-fed and properly sourced, without antibiotics and hormones, there would be less of an issue. Completequiznos subs nutrition datanutritional information for quiznos carbs and nutritional info . Web site finally has complete nutrition datanutritional information for potentialfind calories. This is due to the fact that they add astronomical amounts of salt, bad fats, and sugar to all of their menu options.But this Triple Whopper with Cheese is beyond bad.

This burger contains loads of trans fat, and an entire daya€™s worth of sodium and saturated fat. Taco Bella€™s Quesarito, BeefPhoto via Taco BellThis seemingly-harmless choice stands out for a few reasons.

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