Either way, if you can't get enough of this great sport, then this fun and addictive trivia game is right up your alley! Game Features: * Tons of footballers to guess * 4 fun and unique categories to play * Use hints and skips to help you beat hard levels * Earn coins as you progress in the game * Gamecenter and Leaderboard functionality I bet you can't conquer all these levels!!! However, a surprising number of people who fell in love with the app also fell in love with each other.“Very soon after we launched, we started hearing about people connecting on the platform,” Fridriksson told Cult of Mac.
A former TV presenter, he had completed an MBA at the prestigious University of Oxford and moved back home to Iceland, ready to conquer the world.

Talking with a friend, he commented that he was surprised nobody had found a way to translate the board game Trivial Pursuit into an app the way people had done with Pictionary and Scrabble.Asked how this might work, he started scribbling on the back of a napkin. If they’re the most knowledgeable person about a topic in their area, they want people to know. The app has raised more than $26 million from VCs and topped the App Store in 130 different countries.
They’ll log on to check out the latest things that are happening in whatever they’re interested in.

His tech writing has also appeared in Wired, Fast Company, Techmeme, and other publications.

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