We know that all girls love to play quiz games which is why Punky Princess create regular girly quizzes for our readers!
Our quizzes are loads of fun and we’ve got loads of different ones so there is something for everyone!
Our personality quizzes are great ways for girls to find out a bit more about themselves and find out why they are original. Everyone loves social media and with the amount of social networks around there is one to suit everyone!
Over the last few months there have been some amazing film releases so I thought I would test your knowledge!!!

The marsupial lion, Thylacoleo carnifex, was one of Australia’s fiercest megafaunal animals.
Do you get annoyed when someone doesn't upload and tag photos to facebook after a social outing? In addition to the default apps, such as photos and pages, how many additional apps do you have installed?
Buy some shirts, posters, or mugs from my shop so I can afford to wear pants made entirely out of rubies and koala meat.
Test your One Direction and Little Mix knowledge, find out if you’re more of a Punky girl or a Princess girl or even find out which social network you would be and what that says about your personality.

Our music quizzes are a fun way to test your knowledge and maybe even learn something new about your favourite band.
Taking girly quizzes together is a great way to find out things you didn’t know about your BFF! The release of Catching Fire is just around the corner so Punky Princess have put together a quiz for you to test your Hunger Games knowledge, ready for the next film!

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