To clarify a frequent confusion, while I love working with Michael Rubenstein I am not him! The end result is the proliferation of Spyware on the internet, terrible end-user experiences and just general badness. First off — all online sellers need to audit the ads they run and deactivate any instances of the scam documented below, when possible, sellers should try to identify the responsible party and take legal action. When you find an instance, use tools such as Tamper Data to record referring URLs to provide enough evidence for your ad networks to find and stop the scam.
Realize that this is a very large issue for the industry — this has affected every single ad network in the industry and some of the largest players in the space. The site: A site that claims to help you find work permits in Canada (similar theme to WorkHomeCenter here?).
The scam has moved beyond the shell sites and I have observed multiple instances of flash ads for legitimate websites that have embedded within them code to launch popups and do Errorsafe Active-x installs. Microsoft IE Security MVP, Sandi Hardmeier, pinged my earlier this weekend over yet another problematic advertisement in a big network.

I really appreciate you writing this so people know what to watch out for, the sad thing is that most people wont care about these tips until they have the virus on their computer. I’m a developer at a large site and we are having a pretty big problem with our UK users getting errorsafe popups.
Does anyone have any suggestions about how to block these ads or start minimizing the problem?
Chris — Try changing your timezone to UK and also playing around with browser headers.
2.How to prevent this in firefox, Switch off JAVA, you can alway switch it back on when you need it. TIPS FOR DEEPFREEZE: DO NOT MAKE GHOST COPY WITH FROZEN MACHINE You need to Uninstall DEEP FREEZE before you make a new ghost file.
You will also need to move your IE Favourites to d: folder Documents and Settings i use a regestry tweak program for that. Now you will never miss any bookmarks and if you need to update firefox for the future you still don’t miss any bookmarks.

Thank you so much, Mike, for identifying some of the aliases these bastards might be hiding behind. I found your blog via Google while searching for sample advertising copy and your post regarding Errorsafe looks very interesting to me. I tried browsing through UK proxies, but couldn’t reproduce the spyware (probably some script blocking in effect on the proxy end). Wea€™ve had to disable many of the ads from the ad network will we hear from them that their client has been removed.
If that happen make shure you rename the Documents and Settings Folder on the D drive before you re install. I work on an Apple MacBook,which I believe to be far less susceptible to viruses, and this drivecleaner showed up while I was browsing in Firefox.

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