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Advice?Hey everyone, I really need some advice.I am currently in a relationship with my ex boyfriend. It’s easy to say to ignore the cheating issue, but it’s pretty important.Trust issues are probably the main reason LDRs fail.
Right now, you’re angry and hurt over thefact that he’s been too busy to call and text you as often as you think he should…eventually,when things slow down and he adjusts to college life, you’re going to be angry and hurt overhim neglecting you to do who knows what…It sucks, but he’s going to be partying, and if he’spartying, he’s surrounded by other girls. But after a couple years she finally moved there.Another was my good friend who started dating this guy who was from Spain studying inCalifornia. In this post we cover 6 rules every EVERY guy should follow if he wants to have a healthy relationship in college. If he begs for you back and promises to call more often and make you feellike a more important part of his life, then give him a second chance.
And he texts but it’s like an hour between every text.I know it’s not his fault he’s busy, but I feel like if he really wanted to talk to me he would find acouple minutes of free time during the day when he isn’t doing anything and call me up orsomething. I was wondering if it would be difficult to make our relationship work and advice on keeping this a good, healthy relationship.

Plus, there’s random stuff like how we used to text “good morning” to each otherright when woke up but now he doesn’t do that.
As fun as it is to go from bar to bar on the weekends, you need to decide if you are ready to give that up that lifestyle when you get into a serious relationship. And I remember mentioning to him that I couldvisit him at camp, but he never really brought it up again.
Women hate to feel like they might be cheated on, and so giving her security in a relationship is very important.
I don’t know… he definitely likes meand all, but I don’t know if I can be in an LDR (which usually require a bit of planning and workto keep strong) if he doesn’t know how to plan (which he has admitted to) or anything.And, as of late, I’ve gotten mad at him for being like this and then I instantly retract it, feelingawful and stupid about my demandingness (if that’s a word). Butterflies and puppy love everywhere, but you need to maintain some excitement and not become complacent or boring. I feel like if I keep doing this he’ll get really annoyedand want to break up or something.I think a key difference in us is that I get emotional really easily (not just crying, I mean) aboutstuff, like really happy and excited or annoyed or passionate about some topic, and he isn’treally like that at all. After the first few months of infatuation wears, make an effort to keep things exciting and unexpected. So even if he is in absolute love with me, he won’t hop on a plane to go propose tome or whatever.SO MY QUESTION IS: should I break up with him?

Be yourself, be authentic– show her who you truly are and she will be attracted by how much confidence you have in yourself.
Being authentic makes you more interesting because it avoids becoming too agreeable which is a very common problem with young guys.
If she’s talking to you and you agree with everything she said just so she can like you, you are going to get the opposite results. Many guys really struggle with this because they tend to be much less emotional so you don’t really relate to her state of mind.
Disagreements are going to happen, but once you start the name calling, or worst, that will lead down a slippery slope. If you feel like you are currently with someone who will not respect you, then you need to get out of the relationship now.
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