Diamonds are definitely the most popular option in terms of jewelry, though gold, silver and other precious gemstones can often times be just as popular. There’s 12 months in a year, so there are twelve gemstones with their own special meaning.
The gemstone of April is a diamond (I’m jealous!), which represents joy and innocence. Sometimes the presentation of the jewelry is almost as crucial as choosing the right piece of jewelery. This Is Like My Kitty - Change Your FACEBOOK Relationship Status, You Are In A Relationship With Me!!!
Facebook Relationship Status - It's Complicated Funny Meaning - Shouldent They Be Swapped?

It’s often given during holidays such as Christmas, Anniversaries, birthdays and other holidays or special events. In fact, each month has a gemstone dedicated to it and each has their own unique symbolic meaning. There have been countless movies and real life stories where where people have presented their jewelery gift.
However, jewelry is most cherished and appreciated when it’s given as a surprise when the receiver has no expectations for a gift. If you really would like to impress your partner, you can select a specific gemstone because of its significance with a particular month or meaning.
White gold has gained a lot of popularity over the last 5 years or so and is definitely the current fashion trend.

If your goal is to make a romantic gesture, you should think about gifting your spouse with jewelry for no particular reason at all. Of course, be sure to check with your jeweler before putting the jewelry in food or liquids.
I bet you didn’t know that pearls can dissolve in champagne and rubies crack when under too much heat?

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