When your girlfriend starts acting and treating you differently, it may mean that she’s no longer interested in you and the relationship could be falling apart. She no longer refers to your future together – If all of the talk about your future together has stopped, it may be a sign she no longer sees you in it. No more gifts – Most women love showering their men with gifts to show their appreciation but if the gifts stop coming, it may be a sing she no longer feels that way about you. This entry was posted in Dating Tips and tagged advice, date, dating, for men, girls, in love, losing her, love, relationship, tips, women by admin. Have you ever gotten stuck in that awkward and frustrating zone between friendship and dating, where you talk to someone all the time -- texting, Facebook chatting, talking on the phone, and even Skyping -- but you just can't decide if they're interested in you or not? Ok, we all know you're super excited about this new relationship, and you want to shout it from the digital rooftops.
A lot of the time, your instinct when you get into a new relationship is to spend every waking moment with that person. When you grow attached to someone and then find faults in them, your instinct is to try and get them to change the way that they think or behave. After you've been with a person for a while, the tendency is to start taking everything that they do for granted. Some people might say that if you've got nothing to hide then there's no reason not to show your partner your texts, but by God that's YOUR phone and those are YOUR texts and you have a right to privacy.
There's always a chance that a past relationship that went south can come back together and be stronger, but chances are you broke up for a reason. A loyal reader since his days as a musical theater student, Knott has made Backstage a part of his everyday routine.
Here are a few of the biggest signs your girl is losing interest in you so you can figure out whether you want to work on your issues together or call it quits. If you decide she’s worth fighting for, talk to her and let her express any concerns she has in the relationship so you two can work on them and get over it. You're starting to get more secure in the relationship (you've evolved past the stage of always being nervous and trying to impress them), and now you can focus on getting to know the person.
You want to change your relationship status on Facebook, upload a billion pictures, and make post after post about how much you love them. If their faulty behavior is something harmful or destructive, then you can definitely have a conversation about getting them to change it. If you're always fighting with your partner, and the peaceful times are a rarity, something is wrong and you should probably consider moving on.
If you don't feel like you can trust your partner to go out for a night on the town without you, then why are you even with them?
Either way, don't try and come up with some elaborate reason as to how it's not your fault.

Just because you feel the constant desire to hook back up with them, doesn't mean that you are right for each other. If the relationship is too far gone and she really is over you, it may be best to just move on. If you think they might be interested in you but aren't sure, chances are you're just being paranoid.
Well, inevitably you're going to start noticing little things that bother you -- no two people are alike, and nobody is perfect. This is great and all, but if you've got nothing else going on in your life then you aren't really an individual. But if the thing you have a problem with is just simply a part of their personality that you don't agree with, nothing good can come of asking them to change it.Even if your significant other is willing to change this part of themselves, they won't even be the same person you fell in love with. If you're thinking about how much you dislike the way your significant other treats you, tell them. If they would cheat on you, then you shouldn't even want to be with them in the first place.
Listen, plenty of things are going to be your partner's fault, and plenty of things are going to be your fault. If there's nothing wrong, then your significant other shouldn't be suspicious of your text messages. Sometimes, people just hold onto relationships from their past because they feel familiar and safe. If parting ways is the best option, don’t forget to check out our article with 7 Uplifting Quotes to Help You Move On From a Breakup.
The common trap that a lot of people get themselves into is freaking out about these little differences and letting them consume their thoughts. Everyone will regard you as this perfect, amazing couple, and when you inevitably have issues they'll seem bigger than they actually are.
They'll grow resentful of your desire for them to be something that they're not, and ultimately it will lead to bigger issues. The only reason to be with a person is if you are so confident that they'd never betray your relationship, you trust them completely.Instead of trying to keep your partner from doing things or seeing people out of distrust and jealousy, just communicate about them.
If you find yourself constantly being off and on with a person, you should probably consider cutting off contact with them.Continuing to come back to a past relationship stunts your forward growth.
You'll be surprised how quick and easy it is to just ask someone out, and even more surprised to see how easily they say yes.
You thought this person was so amazing on the surface and invested a lot of trust in them, and suddenly you feel betrayed when you find out some tiny flaw that they apparently kept from you in the beginning.There's a huge difference between having standards and just being overly nit-picky.
No relationship is perfect, and typically the ones that seem perfect are the ones that end up having the most problems.

Either have constructive conversations about the issue so that you can both come to an agreement about it, learn to accept the thing you take issue with, or consider that maybe they're not the right person for you. Everyone has disagreements about certain things, and the healthy thing is to discuss those differences of opinions.
Your natural tendency might be to show them the texts because they've made you feel guilty, but don't stand for that.
Online dating platforms are a great way to connect with people, meet up, and form legitimate relationships.
Just making that first move is the difference between starting your relationship, and spending months in frustrated anguish.
You've got to choose your battles, and if this person is everything you're looking for -- smart, funny, well-read, great body, and they love playing video games -- but they chew with their mouth open or something, you should probably have a conversation about it rather than self destructing the entire relationship. This isn't going to be a very good thing if you end up breaking up with this significant other.
If you are drifting through your relationship, never discussing issues or butting heads at all, then you aren't properly communicating. If you place that trust in them, they'll probably be less afraid to tell you what they're doing, everyone will be in the loop, and nobody will have to worry about anything. Maybe your relationship is worth salvaging at some point, but if not then you should just let it go. Every once in a while, take that list out and remind yourself that these are the great things that you have the privilege of getting from your girlfriend or boyfriend. Nobody is thinking about nothing, and acting like that will only make your partner nervous.We're not saying to tell your partner every insignificant thought that runs through your head at all times. One or both of you is holding back and not letting their true feelings be known.If you disagree with something that your partner says or does, tell them.
You don't have to yell at them or start a huge fight, but these issues should be discussed.
You need to really assess the situation and decide for yourself whether you think this relationship is ever going to really go anywhere, or if you're just treading water. So all you younger people afraid of what people will think about you when you mention using online dating: forget what people think!
It can ultimately end up affecting your future relationships in negative ways.It's better to move on.
They'll really appreciate the openness, and will be more likely to be open with you in the future.

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