Video Transcript In my last video, I talked about the common mistakes that guys make when they choose to text a girl instead of calling her and having a real live conversation. Video Transcript It’s perfectly normal, and even natural, for every woman to try to look the best she can.
Video Transcript Recently, I’ve received several emails from woman asking for dating advice to single mothers. Video Transcript Few things that is more upsetting and more hurtful than unfulfilled expectations and disappointments.
Video Transcript We are going to do a little role play to show you what this process looks like in terms of conflict in relationship, what it looks like to deal with conflict in this process, what is looks like to deal with one’s self with this process.

Horse husband Gamal Awad, (Eventer Hawley Bennet) and Rich Moorehaed (Julie Goodnight) join us on this Classic Revisit from the Stable Scoop Radio Show.
Women spend a lot of time, money, and energy to try to find the right clothing, the right shoes, the right makeup, and other accessories to make themselves as attractive as possible. Therefore, there is no reason for you to tell a girl who just met a week ago that you really like her and that you are crazy about her. Wittich from Hagyard Equine, Tammy Sronce shares her experience dealing with a Keratoma Tumor and Horse & Country TV's Victoria Spicer has the headlines from Europe. Chris Ray talks about being a Rock Star Vet, Amberley Snyder speaks to being a barrel racer, roper and motivational speaker, Amy Rodgers and Rhianna Russell chat about Miss Rodeo Alum.

Plan a holiday with friends, put together a new workout plan, take up a new hobby, get yourself that Xbox you’ve always wanted as a gift to yourself etc, etc. I think a lot of dudes think their is something wrong with them and they need to hold it in… Guess what, THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG, that is why you feel like you do.

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