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Bute Park was originally a garden for the third Marquis of Bute, who had his head gardener design it in the 19th century. Richmond Park is the largest of London’s eight Royal Parks and is the biggest enclosed space in the capital. Clifton Down is the more picturesque of the two places that form what are known locally as ‘The Downs’.
Anywhere known colloquially as ‘the secret garden’ is bound to be good, and Manchester’s Walkden Gardens doesn’t disappoint. The leafy Cannon Hill Park was first opened in 1873 and is made up of 80 acres of formal parkland and 120 acres of conservation and woodland plantation.
They can’t find away through so they get on with their lives picking up the attitudes and behaviours they had when they were single. If you and your date can wangle a day off together, why not head for the nearest green space and admire all that nature has to offer?

The park is located behind the Marquis’ old gaff, Cardiff Castle, and can be accessed via a number of gateways. One of its most attractive areas is the Isabella Plantation, which consists of a 40-acre woodland garden filled with ponds, streams and unusual trees. Originally the commons of pasture for Clifton Manor, the park is now a public space and worth visiting for its views of Clifton Suspension Bridge and the Avon Gorge.
Gifted to the public by famed horticulturalist, Harry Walkden, the gardens are a magical space, and offer a surreal contrast to the outside world. Though it feels like the heart of the countryside, the park is just two miles south of the city centre. We carefully avoid looking at each others faults and we are intent on convincing ourselves that all is well. The way forward is to recognise that they are in the relationship together and for the longer term. With the River Taff running through it, and an arboretum with more than 3,000 species, the park is a wonderful place in which to while away a sunny afternoon. The hill-top observatory and camera obscura are also worth a look, as is the rock slide – a steep face of rock that has been polished by the bottoms of generations of children and students.

Nestled in a valley between the new and old towns (and overlooked by Edinburgh Castle) the gardens are a calming oasis literally in the middle of the city.
Whether it’s walking beneath the wisteria arch, or following the avenue of cherry trees to the Sound and Poetry Garden, the gardens inspire a feeling of romance that can’t fail to affect visiting couples. If walking the numerous paths becomes tiring, there’s always the option of renting a two-person pedalo at the boating lake.
Where possible they can sit down and talk about the problem and find a way to move forward and so the cycle begins again.
The variety of monuments, fountains and floral displays means that there are plenty of excuses to stop and steal a kiss. Crucial to that stage of working through the problem is being willing to accept that neither of them are perfect, but they are willing to go on loving each other just he way they are. So if you find yourselves at any of these stages, don’t despair –see what you can do to move to the stage where your relationship is renewed – that’s the way to experience deep joy and contentment in your relationship.

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