With divorce rates at an all time high, we all know that marriage and relationships take work, even in the best of relationships. There is an awesome testimonial here from a woman who used Michael Cross’s advice and changed the direction of her marriage. We highly recommend Michael Cross’s book and program for both married couples and those who are in a relationship alike.
While flipping through umpteen choices, she found her true love in writing and since then, it’s happily-ever-after!
In this part of article we shall talk about one such relationship that is cause of growing human society in deed. It is said to be most fortunate era where we are residing and feeling the relationship of married life.
There is a point of doubt for the fact that whether it is arranged or love marriage, relation compatibility is never to be ignored. However, as a matter of fact achieving relationship harmony with a companion has a lot to do with knowing yourself in a very deep level.
Thus, always enhance your power of controlling your various emotions and broaden your understanding to own a successful married life. India is a land of fairs and festivals and if you want a live proof of this axiom then you must visit India during Diwali.
If there is a place in the world where relationships are above all, then for sure it is the description of India only. After a long season of courtship, does the prospect of marriage prop in your mind now and then? Talking about finances, investments and other monetary assets is not a trivial conversation between you and your partner. If your friendly chats are turning out to be sessions of serious discussions about career goals and interests, you should be well assured that he wants to take decisions that suit you both.
Modern MarriedRelationship Advice For Women on How To Create a Life You Love with the Love of Your Life Learn How to Create a 5 Star Marriage with "The Love Upgrade" + VIP access to our classes and coaching programs. But did you ever consider that there are different kinds of trust and we need all 4 of them to make our relationship work? This great article on Your Tango talks about the different kinds of trust your marriage needs and was the inspiration for this week’s post. Even though we are all familiar with wedding vows, to love honor and cherish, there are promises that we might never say out loud that are the foundation for a marriage to last and, more importantly, be happy.
Safety, Faithfulness, Commitment and Reliability are 4 pillars of trust every marriage needs. You have to trust that your partner isn’t going to hurt you, to be able to reach out to them when you need help, to be vulnerable and share your life with them as well as your hopes and dreams. Physical fidelity and emotional fidelity go hand in hand, so sharing your secrets with your spouse is actually a way to build emotional faithfulness in your marriage.

Marriage researcher John Gottman says, “Trust is built in very small moments in which one person turns toward their partner when they’re in need. Once we are “there” for each other over and over again, we can also begin to trust each other in the face of anger or upset.
Going back to that feeling of safety – we all want to know that person will be there even when something is going wrong. Having a ground rule that says, “its okay to be angry, I am not going anywhere,” is a very important building block to trust and like emotional cement in your relationship. It’s also critical that both partners declare their marriage as a top priority both in spending time together and in carrying out the commitments of daily life.
First, by investing time in your relationship, that shows the other person they matter to you. Knowing the ingredients of what creates trust can also help you see if there is an area in your marriage where you are not feeling or expressing trust. Click here to schedule a What Do You Want + How Can I Help Call to review personalized coaching options to help you create the life and marriage you long for. If you know someone who is struggling with trust in their relationship, please send them this post. Posted on: March 30, 2014 Leave a Comment Filed Under: Healthy Relationships, Marriage AdviceLove this post?
I help Smart, Soulful, Successful women (just like you!) have healthier, happier, sexier marriages using simple tools I share on the blog and in my personalized coaching programs.
After years working on the HR side of luxury hospitality, I realized, 5 star hotels are fabulous, but 5 star marriages are even better!
Plus regular bursts of soul-filled, love-soaked inspiration + VIP access to our classes and coaching programs. Kind, Cheerful and Lovable, this 22 year old writer is wiser beyond her age but when it comes to shopping, she readily goes back to her teens. The topic of relationship can’t be ignored for taken as for granted as it is remarked as the base of life in long terms.
The reason behind this time provides us the chance when choosing a marriage partner is mostly made independently. It is an important pointer to finding your soul mate and move forward to live as happy married couple. It largely concludes the point of knowing the type of person that will suit your whole expectation related to whole life. While understanding your level of compatibility is one of the in choosing a partner for a successful marriage, the couple has to still consider much to make the marriage successful.
Now-a-days it is most critical issue to follow in with much clear vision and indulgent otherwise like many other your marriages may end up in divorce.
The essence of love blossoms one life and makes the person to flaunt in the seventh sky of imagination.

This can only mean that your relationship has reached the stage of seriousness that is required for marriage. If your boyfriend is keen on discussing his financial goals and interests with you and if the same applies to you, then you both are serious about the relationship. This is a sure indication that he has taken the relationship to another level and is seriously considering settling down with you. This can only mean that he is thinking of your future together, a positive sign of your love life turning into the boulevard of marriage. Reliability is the glue that holds all the pillars together as – trusting you will do what you say you will do is essential for safety, faithfulness and commitment. A traveler by heart, she wishes to leave no place unexplored on the earthly sphere (specially the shopping destinations).
There are several relationships that human kind does follow to breathe in for his entire life. It is a different topic that there are still some places where tradition ways where parents and relatives are still the ones who make the decision.
Let us first understand the meaning of compatibility which is your ability to live together cordially. But there is again a big question that does relationship compatibility necessarily signify a successful marriage?
Hence, choosing a partner and living with each other till last breath requires uncountable stages of diversion done by each other. It is perfect and strong fact of life that even the finest relationships anywhere in the world need perpetual attention, fostering, and work. It also helps build trust because you are creating evidence that you are reliable, that you can be counted on and trusted. It requires compatibility, understanding, and love with care to smoothen any part of the relations. Also, they must be prepared to make adjustments with each other effortlessly at every stage of life. You may be the one who has found your soul mate in just a few months of dating or you may have courted for several years before accepting that he is your soul mate. Thus, the majority of young people are allowed to choose their own life best suited life partner using their own exploration and adventure techniques.

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